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ElevenLabs Unveils AI-Powered Voice-Generating Platform Supporting 30+ Languages

August 22, 2023

ElevenLabs, a cutting-edge startup specializing in synthetic voice creation, has officially launched its platform from beta, now supporting over 30 languages. Utilizing a proprietary AI model, the platform can automatically identify languages such as Korean, Dutch, and Vietnamese, generating emotionally rich speech in these languages.

Revolutionizing Voice Cloning

With ElevenLabs' new model, customers can use the voice cloning tool to speak across nearly 30 languages without typing text. This innovation aligns with the company's vision of making content universally accessible in any language and voice.

The founders, Mati Staniszewski and Piotr Dabkowski, were inspired by the subpar dubbing of American movies they watched in Poland. They aimed to create a platform that could do better, employing AI technology.

A Platform for Creators

ElevenLabs' text-to-speech generation tools level the playing field, bringing top-quality spoken audio capabilities to creators. This democratization of voice technology is a significant step towards making human-quality AI voices available in every dialect.

The platform's launch has not been without controversy. Some have exploited ElevenLabs' tools for malicious purposes, leading the company to introduce new safeguards.

Impact on the Voice Acting Industry

The rise of synthetic voices poses a threat to the voice acting industry, with actors being asked to sign away rights to their voices for AI-generated versions. Companies like Activision Blizzard are working on AI-assisted "voice cloning," indicating a shift in the industry.

ElevenLabs sees this as a natural progression, collaborating with publishers and media platforms for audiobooks, radio content, and video games. With over a million registered users, the company has created a decade's worth of audio content.

Future Plans and Collaboration with Stork.AI

Recently raising $19 million at a $99 million valuation, ElevenLabs plans to extend its AI models to voice dubbing and build a foundation for transferring emotions and intonations between languages.

In the context of collaboration and communication, platforms like Stork.AI can benefit from such advancements in voice technology. Stork, a business video messaging and collaboration platform, offers features like video conferencing, team collaboration, and screen recording. Integrating ElevenLabs' voice-generating tools could enhance Stork's existing capabilities of transcribing and recording all video and voice calls, making them searchable.


ElevenLabs' launch out of beta marks a significant milestone in the field of AI-powered voice generation. The platform's potential to revolutionize content accessibility and the voice acting industry is immense. Collaborations with platforms like Stork.AI could further drive innovation in team collaboration and communication in the age of AI.

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