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Eight No-Cost AI Courses from Top Institutions to Master AI in 2024

May 17, 2024
While these courses are freely accessible, don't mistake free for subpar—these programs promise rigorous education.

Impressively, top institutions like Google, Harvard, and Microsoft are not just participating but leading the charge by offering courses at no cost. These aren't your typical introductory courses; they're designed to build a robust foundation in AI, equipping learners with both theoretical and practical skills.

Knowledge is not free - you have to pay attention
  • Google's comprehensive AI training.
  • Microsoft's foundational AI course.
  • Harvard's Python-based AI introduction.
  • Vanderbilt's focus on prompt engineering.
  • OpenAI and DeepLearning's specialized course on prompt engineering.
  • Google Cloud's advanced LLMOps training.
  • UC Davis's exploration of big data, AI, and ethics.
  • edX’s innovative applications in prompt engineering.

Google AI Courses

Google steps up with five diverse AI courses, setting participants on a path from beginners to proficient users. The journey begins with an "Introduction to AI" and escalates to comprehensive mastery. These courses are structured to ensure that by the end, learners don't just have academic knowledge but a real-world understanding of AI applications.

Google's AI Education

Microsoft AI Course

Microsoft's course offerings tackle AI from the basics to more complex concepts like neural networks and deep learning. Starting with an elementary introduction, the course progressively deepens, preparing students to tackle advanced AI challenges confidently.

Microsoft's AI Course

Introduction to AI with Python by Harvard

Harvard University provides a seven-week course that dives into AI technologies, algorithms, and essential machine learning libraries through Python. This course promises a solid groundwork in AI principles, appealing to both beginners and those looking to refresh their knowledge.

Harvard's AI Course

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt University offers a specialized course in prompt engineering for ChatGPT. It's a beginner-friendly program that progresses from effective prompt-writing techniques to advanced skills in controlling ChatGPT’s responses for varied applications.

Vanderbilt's Course on Prompt Engineering

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

This collaboration between OpenAI and DeepLearning, featuring experts Isa Fulford and Andrew Ng, focuses on best practices in prompt engineering. The course starts with foundational strategies and culminates in hands-on practice, empowering developers to refine their prompting skills.

OpenAI and DeepLearning's Course

LLMOps by Google Cloud

Google Cloud, in collaboration with DeepLearning, introduces a cutting-edge course on LLMOps. Taught by Erwin Huizenga, this course covers everything from data preprocessing to deploying a custom large language model, addressing both theoretical and practical aspects.

Google Cloud's LLMOps Course

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Ethics by UC Davis

The University of California - Davis tackles the intersection of big data, AI, and ethics. This four-module course provides a critical look at the opportunities and limitations of AI, with a specific focus on ethical considerations in AI deployment.

UC Davis's AI and Ethics Course

AI Applications and Prompt Engineering by edX

edX introduces learners to the innovative field of prompt engineering, extending beyond basic concepts to application development. This course is ideal for those looking to leverage AI for creating bespoke applications.

edX's Course on AI Applications

Enrolling in Free Courses

For those eager to dive into these courses without a financial barrier, platforms like Coursera offer an "Audit the course" option. By selecting this, participants can access course materials for free, though a registration is required. This setup is perfect for learners who are committed to their education without the need for formal certification.

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