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Discord vs Slack

May 17, 2024
slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing

Slack vs Discord: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the digital age, communication tools are vital for facilitating smooth interactions, whether in a professional or recreational setting. Two popular platforms in this arena are Slack and Discord. Both provide robust features to support real-time communication, but they cater to slightly different user bases. Let's dive into a detailed comparison of the discord vs Slack alternatives, vs Discord to help you decide which one is more suitable for your needs.

User Interface

slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing


Slack's interface is neat, clean, and well-suited to a professional environment. The platform uses a channel-based layout where every conversation happens in a dedicated space, either a channel or direct message. These can be organized and searched easily. Users can pin important messages, react with emojis, and even integrate apps directly into the various conversation threads.

Overview of Slack's User Interface

Slack's user interface is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate, regardless of the user's technical proficiency. As soon as you open the chat app, you're greeted with a clean, uncluttered layout. Slack is primarily organized into 'Workspaces', each pertaining to a different organization or team.

Within each Workspace, conversations are structured into 'channels' — these are specific spaces dedicated to various topics or departments, allowing for easy categorization and searchability of conversations. Users can join or leave channels as per their needs. Additionally, users can engage in direct messages (DMs) with one or multiple teammates for private conversations.

The interface can be customized according to personal preferences or corporate branding, with options for color schemes, theme choices, and the ability to set custom emojis.

Key Features of Slack's User Interface

1. Threaded Conversations

slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing

One of Slack's standout features is 'threaded conversations'. This allows users to respond directly to a message in a thread, keeping side conversations from cluttering the main channel. This feature is particularly useful for keeping discussions organized and easy-to-follow.

2. Searchable History

slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing

Slack's search functionality is another powerful feature. Users can quickly search the history of messages and files, with options to filter by date, person, channel, or even specific keywords within the content. This makes it easy to track down specific pieces of information from past conversations.

3. Integrations

slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing

Slack integrates seamlessly with an impressive array of third-party applications like Google Drive, Asana, Trello, Zoom, and many more. These integrations are accessible directly within the Slack interface, allowing users to perform actions (like file sharing, updating tasks, or starting a video call) without leaving the platform.

4. Slackbot

slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing

Slackbot is Slack's built-in assistant. Users can ask Slackbot questions or even set personal reminders. It's also used for onboarding new users and offering tips to help navigate the platform.

5. Notifications and Do Not Disturb

slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing

Slack offers extensive notification options. Users can customize notifications based on their needs, ensuring they don't miss important updates. Slack also provides a 'Do Not Disturb' feature, allowing users to silence notifications during specific hours to focus on work or take a break.

6. Pinning and Bookmarking

slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing

Important messages or files can be 'pinned' to a channel, making them quickly accessible to all members. For private bookmarking, Slack offers the 'save item' feature, allowing users to create a personal list of important messages or files.

Slack's user interface is user-friendly, adaptable, and purpose-driven. By merging an intuitive interface with powerful features, Slack creates a seamless communication experience that drives team collaboration and productivity.


Discord's UI is quite similar to Slack, with conversations organized into servers (akin to Slack’s workspaces), then further into text and voice channels. While the aesthetic leans more towards a gaming-centric crowd with its darker theme, it's also quite user-friendly and customizable. Discord also supports inline replies and message reactions, much like Slack.

Overview of Discord's User Interface

Discord's user interface, while initially developed with gamers in mind, has evolved to be intuitive and versatile for various user groups. Its layout, customizable and defined by an attractive dark theme, is organized into 'servers,' comparable to Slack's 'workspaces'.

Each server on Discord represents a different group or community, and within the community members each server, there are distinct 'channels.' These channels, which can be either text or voice-based, cater to different topics or conversations. Users can join various servers and channels as per their interests, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment.

Customizability is another strength of Discord, where users can adjust the platform's appearance with different themes, layout options, and even custom emojis to personalize their experience.

Key Features of Discord's User Interface

1. Voice Channels

slack vs discord - voice calls and file sharing

Discord's standout feature is its many voice call channels, which allow users to engage in real-time voice communication. Users can seamlessly drop in and out of these channels, facilitating spontaneous conversations, akin to a walkie-talkie experience.

2. Direct Messages and Group DMs

slack discord voice calls

Discord users can send direct messages (DMs) to one another for private one-on-one conversations. Furthermore, they can create group DMs for smaller private discussions outside of servers, offering a versatile range of communication options.

3. Integrations (Bots)

slack discord voice calls

While not as business-focused as Slack, Discord integrates with numerous third-party applications, especially those catering to gaming and entertainment. These integrations, known as bots, can be added to servers to perform various functions, such as playing music, managing roles, or even organizing gaming sessions.

4. Streamer Mode

slack discord free plan

Given Discord's popularity among streamers, the platform offers a 'Streamer Mode' that automatically disables personal notifications and hides sensitive information while streaming, providing a safer and more professional streaming environment.

5. Notifications and Muting

slack discord free plan

Discord provides robust notification settings, enabling users to customize their notifications for each server and channel. Moreover, users can 'mute' channels or servers to suppress notifications temporarily or permanently all the servers, maintaining control over their notification inflow.

6. Screen Sharing and Video Calling

slack discord free plan with unlimited message history

Discord users can share their screens or conduct video calls directly within a server or DM. This feature, especially beneficial for gamers sharing their gameplay or teams collaborating on a project, contributes to Discord's versatility as a communication platform.

Discord's user interface combines a gamer-friendly aesthetic with a highly customizable and user-friendly experience. Its range of unique features, geared towards real-time, community-based interaction, makes it an ideal platform for both casual and professional digital communication.

Communication Features

discord server free plan


Slack supports one-on-one and group messaging, both through text and voice. Video conferencing and screen sharing are also available, making it perfect for remote work or collaborative projects. Slack’s strength lies in its threaded conversations, which allow users to carry on side conversations without cluttering the main chat.

Channels: Organizing Conversations

Slack organizes conversations into Channels, making it simple to compartmentalize different topics, teams, or projects. These channels can be public, accessible to anyone in the workspace, or private, for more focused discussions among select team members. This helps keep conversations organized, making it easier for members to track and participate in relevant discussions.

Direct Messaging: Private Communication

For more private, one-on-one interactions, Slack offers the Direct Messaging feature. Users can send individual messages to other team members, facilitating private conversations. It also supports group instant messaging, for up to nine people, providing a space for smaller team collaborations or discussions.

Threaded Messages: Keeping Conversations Clean

With Threaded Messages, Slack allows users to respond to a specific message within a channel without cluttering the main conversation. This way slack users say, conversations are less chaotic and more focused, facilitating meaningful engagement among participants.

Video Conferencing: Real-time Collaboration

Slack's video conferencing feature is essential for real-time collaboration. Users can start a video call with up to 15 participants directly within a channel or a direct message. This feature is crucial for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or when complex discussions demand face-to-face interaction.

Integrations: Streamlining Workflows

Slack integrates seamlessly with a plethora of third-party services, such as Google Drive, Trello, Zoom, and many more. These integrations enable users to interact with these services directly within Slack, eliminating the need to constantly switch between apps. Whether it's sharing a file from Google Drive or starting a Zoom call, these integrations serve to streamline workflows and make communication more efficient.

Notifications: Staying Updated

Slack provides comprehensive notification settings, ensuring users stay updated without feeling overwhelmed. Users can customize these settings based on their preferences – whether they want to receive notifications for all messages, just direct mentions, or nothing at all. Slack's 'Do Not Disturb' feature allows users to pause notifications during specific hours, offering control over their availability.

Slackbot: A Personal Assistant

Slackbot, Slack's built-in digital assistant, can interact with users, answer questions about how to use Slack, and even set reminders. This feature, while not strictly a communication feature, greatly enhances the overall user experience.

The power of Slack as a communication tool lies in its feature-rich platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of teams. By providing a space for organized, real-time, and customizable team communication throughout, Slack has positioned itself as an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance their internal communication and improve team collaboration.


Discord shines with its real-time communication features, offering high-quality voice, video, and text capabilities. It has dedicated video and voice channels where users can drop in and out, making it ideal for gaming sessions or casual chats. Additionally, Discord provides options for individual and group direct messages.

Discord, while starting as a platform primarily for gamers, has expanded its horizons to accommodate a variety of communities and groups. It shines through its plethora of features designed for dynamic, real-time interactions and conversations. This article will take a closer look at Discord's communication features and how they contribute to a vibrant, interactive online community and experience.

Servers and Channels: A Community Space

At the heart of Discord's communication features are servers and channels. Each server is essentially a community space, which can house multiple channels dedicated to various topics or discussions. These channels can be text-based, where users can share messages, or voice-based, where users can engage in real-time voice chats. This organization of conversation makes it easy for users to participate in all the channels and discussions online communities that interest them the most.

Direct Messaging: One-on-One Conversations

Discord offers Direct Messaging (DM), where users can have private conversations with other individuals. Users can also create group DMs, which can include up to ten members, for more personal, smaller group conversations outside of the larger server communities.

Voice Channels: Real-Time Conversations

One of Discord's unique communication features is its various voice chat channels. These channels enable users to engage in live voice chats, similar to a group call, where users can join and leave the channel at will. This fosters spontaneous conversations and interactions, making the platform feel alive and dynamic.

Video Calls and Screen Sharing: Enhanced Interaction

Discord enhances its real-time interaction capabilities with video calls and screen sharing. Users can initiate a video chat or calls in a DM or a server, sharing their screens for a more interactive conversation. This feature is especially beneficial for gamers, who can share their gameplay with others, or for groups collaborating on a project.

Bots: Automated Assistance

Discord allows the integration of bots, automated programs that can perform a variety of tasks. Bots can play music in a discord's voice calls or channel, manage server roles, send scheduled messages, and more. This extends the platform's functionality and offers users a customized, interactive experience.

Notifications and Server Muting: Controlling Information Flow

Discord provides comprehensive notification settings, enabling users to customize how and when they get notified. Additionally, users can 'mute' servers or specific channels within servers to suppress notifications temporarily, giving them control over their Discord experience and the flow of information.

Discord's suite of communication features fosters community building an environment where real-time, interactive conversations thrive. With its organization of servers and channels, direct messaging, voice channels, video calls, screen sharing, team chat apps and bot integrations, Discord offers a versatile platform that caters to various communities.

Integration and Extensibility

slack lets video call


Slack offers extensive integration with many third-party services, including Google Drive, Asana, Trello, and more. This makes it an excellent tool for workplaces that use various apps for daily operations.

Integration: Consolidating Tools and Services

slack lets voice and video calls

Slack's ability to integrate with a wide range of tools and services forms one of its most powerful features. From project management tools like Trello and Asana, to file storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, to video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet — Slack supports them all and more.

These integrations bring a multitude of functionalities directly into Slack. Teams can manage their tasks, share files, schedule meetings, and even initiate video calls without leaving the platform. This consolidation of tools reduces the time spent switching between different apps, significantly improving productivity.

Slack Apps: Extending Functionality

both slack team chat app

To further its extensibility, Slack offers a vast marketplace of Slack Apps developed by third parties. These apps cater to a wide array of needs, adding features such as polls, surveys, automation, analytics, and more to the platform. Slack Apps enhance the user experience by bringing additional functionalities to the Slack workspace.

Workflow Builder: Streamlining Processes

free plan discord server

Slack's Workflow Builder is a testament to the platform's commitment to extensibility. This feature allows users to automate routine processes and tasks directly within Slack. Whether it's setting up a welcome message for new team members, creating a form to collect information, or setting reminders for recurring meetings, Workflow Builder simplifies these processes, enabling teams to focus on more pressing tasks.

Integrating Bots: Automation and Interaction

slack's interface for team chat app

Bots in Slack serve to automate tasks and add interactive elements to the platform. These bots can schedule meetings, track tasks, answer questions, and even inject some fun into the workspace. By integrating bots into Slack, teams can automate routine tasks and foster engagement within the platform.

Slack API: Custom Integrations

voice call free plan

For teams needing more specialized integrations, Slack provides its API, allowing them to create custom integrations tailored to their unique requirements. This means teams can connect their internal systems or tools directly to Slack, ensuring a seamless flow of information and further enhancing productivity.

Slack's powerful integration and extensibility features stand as key contributors to its success as a team collaboration platform. By bringing together a vast array of tools and services, offering a plethora of Slack Apps, enabling automation with Workflow Builder and bots, and offering its API for custom integrations, Slack truly offers a unified workspace.


Discord also provides integrations, but they are more entertainment-focused, including Twitch, Spotify, and various gaming platforms. However, compared to Slack, Discord's integrations are less business-oriented.

Integration: A Unified Platform for Fun and Productivity

free plan for voice call for both slack and discord

Discord's strength lies in its ability to integrate with a plethora of other platforms, providing users with a consolidated space for leisure and productivity alike. Be it gaming platforms like Steam, content platforms like YouTube and Twitch, or productivity tools like Trello and Google Calendar, Discord supports a wide array of integrations.

These integrations allow users to bring various aspects of their online lives into one space. They can get game updates, stream content, manage tasks, see social media networks and even sync their calendars without leaving Discord. This not only simplifies activities but also promotes interaction within communities.

Discord Bots: Enhancing Server Capabilities

slack's paid plans

A key aspect of the Discord server's extensibility is its support for bots. Discord bots, which are user-created using the Discord server's API, can add a myriad of functionalities to a server. They can manage roles and permissions, moderate chats, play music, create polls, and even host games, significantly enhancing the server's capabilities.

The bot ecosystem in Discord is vast and diverse, with bots available for nearly every purpose. Server administrators can add these bots to their servers to automate tasks, entertain users, or facilitate server management.

Webhooks: Seamless Updates and Notifications

both slack and discord have paid plans

Discord webhooks provide another avenue for integration. They allow updates from other platforms to be pushed into Discord servers automatically. This feature is particularly useful for news updates, blog posts, and any other content that needs to be shared promptly with a community.

Discord API: Creating Customized Experiences

team communication with discord servers

For those looking to create a highly personalized Discord experience, the platform provides its API for creating custom bots and integrations. This opens the door for users to develop unique functionalities tailored to their server's specific needs.

Better Discord: Customizing Discord's Appearance

essential discord feature and discord nitro

An unofficial but popular extensibility feature is Better Discord. It is a client modification that allows users to customize the appearance of their Discord account using themes and plugins. However, Better Discord isn't officially supported by Discord and can potentially lead to account breaches, so users are advised to use it with caution.

Discord's integration and extensibility features significantly contribute to its popularity and versatility as a platform. By allowing for numerous integrations, supporting a wide array of bots, offering webhooks for seamless updates, and providing its API for custom development, Discord offers users the ability to create a personalized, feature-rich community space.

Security and Privacy

discord lets share files and voice chat


In terms of security, Slack provides data encryption in transit and at rest, and complies with various data protection regulations, making it suitable for businesses handling sensitive data.

Data Encryption

slack's paid plans for instant messaging

Slack employs industry-standard encryption to secure data in transit and at rest. In-transit data is protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is akin to the technology used to secure online banking and shopping platforms. At-rest data, including messages, documents, and other content, is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Enterprise-Grade Security Compliance

compare slack paid plans

Slack's security measures are compliant with a range of global and industry-specific standards. These include, among others, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO/IEC 27001, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Compliance with these standards demonstrates Slack's commitment to maintaining the highest levels of security.

Two-Factor Authentication

compare slack to instant messaging

Slack provides two-factor authentication (2FA), adding an extra layer of security to user accounts. In addition to their password, users need to provide a second factor — typically a code sent to their mobile device — to log in. This measure substantially reduces the risk of unauthorized access, even if a password is compromised.

Enterprise Key Management

chat app paid plans

For its enterprise customers, Slack offers Enterprise Key Management (EKM). This feature allows organizations to control and audit their own encryption keys, giving them granular control over their data. With EKM, businesses can revoke or change their encryption keys at any time, providing an extra layer of data protection.

Privacy Controls

private messaging for internet users

Slack provides a range of privacy controls to help organizations manage how information is shared and retained. Administrators can configure message and file retention policies, decide who can join their workspace, and control external sharing settings. Moreover, in direct messages and private channels, content is accessible only to invited participants, preserving privacy.

Slack's Commitment to Privacy

slack channels and other apps

Slack is built on a strong commitment to user privacy. The company has a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines how user data is collected, used, and protected. Furthermore, in line with GDPR requirements, Slack provides data portability options, allowing users to export and delete their data.

Security and privacy are cornerstones of Slack's value proposition. With robust encryption, compliance with stringent security standards, two-factor authentication, advanced features like Enterprise Key Management, and comprehensive privacy controls, Slack endeavors to provide a secure and private environment for team collaboration.


Discord also encrypts server data but doesn't provide end-to-end encryption. While it's secure enough for general use, businesses dealing with confidential data might prefer more robust security options.

Data Encryption

integrate discord for gaming communities

Discord uses modern encryption methods to ensure that data is secured both in transit and at rest. When data is moving between users (in transit), Discord employs TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption, similar to the encryption used by financial institutions. For data at rest (stored data), Discord uses robust encryption mechanisms, protecting stored messages and other user data from unauthorized access.

Two-Factor Authentication

discord vs slack

As an added layer of account security, Discord offers two-factor authentication (2FA). This feature requires users to provide a second verification step — usually a time-sensitive code from a trusted device — in addition to their password. 2FA significantly reduces the risk of account breaches, providing a safety net if passwords are compromised.

Privacy Settings

discord pricing

Discord provides comprehensive privacy settings that users can customize to their comfort level. Users can decide who can add them as a friend, who can join their server, and who can DM them. Discord also allows users to block specific users, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience for those who might encounter harassment or unwanted attention.

Server Permissions and Moderation Tools

discord nitro - major difference

Discord offers a robust set of permissions and moderation tools, allowing server administrators to create a safe community space. Administrators can set custom roles, permissions for those roles, and even apply channel-specific permissions. These controls help prevent spam, harassment, and other forms of abuse within the community.

Discord's Privacy Policy

community building and upload files

Discord's commitment to privacy is apparent in its Privacy Policy. The policy outlines what data Discord collects and why, how the data is used, and how it is protected. Discord is also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), providing users with rights over their personal data, including access, correction, and deletion.

Discord's security and privacy measures reflect its dedication to providing a safe space for communities to interact online. The platform's encryption methods, two-factor authentication, customizable privacy settings, extensive server permissions, and transparency about data use all contribute to this commitment.


slack free


Slack offers a free tier with limited features and paid plans that unlock more capabilities, including comprehensive search, unlimited integrations, and higher file storage limits.

Free Plan

The free tier of Slack is a great starting point for small teams or startups on a budget. While there are some limitations, it still offers a wealth of functionality, including access to 10,000 of your team’s most recent messages, 1:1 voice and video calls, and the ability to integrate with up to 10 third-party apps or custom integrations like Google Drive or Office 365.

Standard Plan

Priced at $6.67 per user per month when billed annually, or $8 per user per month when billed monthly, the Standard plan is Slack's most popular offering. It comes with some significant upgrades over the free tier, including unlimited message archives and app integrations, group video and audio calls with up to 15 participants, and enhanced security with two-factor authentication. It also provides 10GB of storage per team member and priority support.

Plus Plan

For larger businesses or those needing advanced administrative controls, the Plus plan is an ideal choice. Priced at $12.50 per user per month when billed annually, or $15 per user per month when billed monthly, it offers everything in the Standard plan plus 20GB of storage per team member, 24/7 support, advanced identity management through SAML-based SSO, and compliance requirements support.

Enterprise Grid

Finally, for very large businesses or those in highly regulated industries, Slack offers the Enterprise Grid plan. Pricing is custom and available on a quote basis. This plan includes all the features of the Plus plan, along with unlimited workspaces, enterprise-wide search and discovery, data loss prevention, and more. It also offers 1TB of storage per team member and dedicated account and customer success teams.


Discord is free to use, with an optional Nitro subscription that provides cosmetic benefits like animated avatars and boosted upload limits. For the majority of users, the free tier will offer more than enough functionality.

Free Tier

Discord's base level of service is completely free and surprisingly comprehensive. It provides access to most of Discord's features, including text, voice, and video communication. Users can also create or join servers, share screens, and use most of Discord's moderation tools. The free tier is ad-supported, but the ads are typically unobtrusive and don't interfere with the user experience.

Nitro Classic

For $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, users can upgrade to Discord Nitro Classic. This tier includes enhanced features like the ability to use animated emojis, use a custom Discord tag, and upload larger files (up to 50MB). Additionally, Nitro Classic subscribers get a "Nitro Badge" that appears next to their name, showing off their support for Discord.


Discord Nitro, the premium tier, costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. It includes all the features of Nitro Classic, plus a very few limitations and notable extras. Users can upload even larger files (up to 100MB), and they also get two Server Boosts with their subscription, which can be used to unlock extra perks for any server they choose. If the user continues their Nitro subscription, they receive additional Server Boosts at certain intervals.

Server Boosts

Server Boosts can also be purchased separately at $4.99 per boost per month. Boosting a server provides benefits to all members of the server, such as increased audio quality for voice calls and channels, a custom server invite background, and extra server-wide emojis.


discord vs slack

Ultimately, the decision between Slack and Discord depends on your specific needs. For professional environments where extensive integration with other productivity apps is crucial, Slack might be the better choice. However, if you're looking for a free platform for casual or gaming-related communication, Discord's interface may be more fitting.

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