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Discord Announces the Shutdown of AI Chatbot Clyde

February 27, 2024

Hello to all Discord users!

In today's post, we're focusing on a recent announcement from Discord, a leader in digital communication and AI technology. The platform has made a significant decision regarding its AI chatbot, Clyde. Let’s delve into what this means for Discord and its vast user base.


Clyde's Journey Comes to an End

Introduced earlier this year, Clyde was an experimental AI chatbot powered by OpenAI models, designed to engage in conversations with users. However, as we approach the end of November, Discord has decided to deactivate Clyde. Starting December 1st, Clyde will no longer be operational in direct messages, group DMs, or server chats.


Behind Clyde's Shutdown

The unexpected discontinuation of Clyde has raised many questions. While Discord hasn’t provided explicit reasons, there are speculations. Could Clyde reappear as a feature for Nitro subscribers? Or has Discord concluded that an AI chatbot isn’t crucial for its services?


Discord's Statement

Kellyn Slone, Discord's Director of Product Communications, shed some light on this decision. Clyde was part of a series of experiments involving a limited number of servers. Slone's statement suggests that new features and experiences are on the horizon for Discord users.

Discord's AI Endeavors

Discord's exploration in AI doesn’t end with Clyde. The platform has been developing AI-driven features, such as conversation summaries, which are especially useful for servers spanning different time zones. Discord is also emerging as a supportive platform for AI developers, providing resources for creating AI applications.

Future Prospects

With Clyde’s phase-out, Discord's AI journey is far from over. The platform continues to innovate, promising to bring new AI-driven experiences to its global community.

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