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ChatGPT Can Now Chat With You—In Voice and Images!

February 27, 2024


The landscape of voice-activated AI is rapidly evolving, with companies like OpenAI and Stork Tech leading the charge. OpenAI's ChatGPT now supports voice and image inputs, while Aya, developed by Stork Tech, is setting new standards in real-time, intelligent voice responses. Let's delve into these two groundbreaking technologies and see how they're shaping the future of AI interaction.

ChatGPT: The Multimodal Marvel

OpenAI's ChatGPT has recently added voice and image inputs to its repertoire. Initially launched with text-based capabilities, ChatGPT now allows users to snap pictures and ask questions or use their voice to interact with the AI. These features are backed by OpenAI's Whisper, a speech recognition system, and a new text-to-speech model that generates human-like audio. OpenAI even collaborated with professional voice actors to offer a variety of voice options for users. Learn more about ChatGPT

Aya: The Real-Time Voice Interface

Aya is not just another voice assistant; it's a two-way voice interface that lets you communicate with GPT using your natural voice. Developed by Stork Tech, Aya offers real-time, intelligent voice responses. It converts your voice into text, processes it through GPT, and then converts it back into voice, providing real-time answers to your questions or commands. Aya's multilingual capabilities make it a versatile companion for both personal and professional needs. Explore Aya

The Competitive Edge

Both ChatGPT and Aya are making strides in the AI voice assistant market. While ChatGPT is backed by OpenAI's robust technological foundation, Aya leverages technologies from industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and OpenAI. This multi-vendor approach sets Aya apart and allows it to offer a more versatile and efficient user experience.

How to Access These Innovations

  • ChatGPT: If you're a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise user, you can easily access the new voice and image features. Bing Chat is also a free alternative.
  • Aya: Aya is free to use and available across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. Download Aya for iOS or Aya for Android.

The Future of Team Collaboration

Aya is also an integral part of Stork.AI, a business video messaging and collaboration platform. This integration enhances team productivity and decision-making, making Aya a valuable asset in professional settings.


How do I use the new image input feature in ChatGPT?

To use the image input feature, tap the photo button in the chat interface and upload the image you want ChatGPT to analyze.

Is Aya available on multiple platforms?

Yes, Aya is available on iOS, Android, and web platforms.

What sets Aya apart from other voice assistants?

Aya's multi-vendor backend and real-time voice responses make it unique in the AI voice assistant market.


The future of voice-activated AI is incredibly promising, with ChatGPT and Aya leading the way. Whether you're looking for a versatile AI assistant for personal use or a powerful tool for team collaboration, these innovations offer something for everyone.

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