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Captions App Introduces AI Editing: Video Effects with a Click

June 26, 2024
Creating engaging videos is tough. But what if it wasn’t?
  • New AI edit feature by Captions
  • Automatically adds effects to unedited videos
  • Designed for vertical videos of a person talking
  • AI avatars to create videos from short prompts
  • Tools for recording, editing, and generating videos
  • Targeted at sales, marketing, and communication
  • Challenges for creators with AI-generated content
  • Future features for AI avatars

Automate Your Video Editing with Captions’ AI

The video editing app Captions, supported by heavyweights like a16z, Kleiner Perkins, and Sequoia Capital, has launched a groundbreaking AI edit feature. This tool can take your unedited vertical videos and magically transform them with custom graphics, zooms, music, sound effects, transitions, and motion backgrounds, all tailored to the content. But there’s a catch – your video should feature a single person talking, and it must be in vertical format.

Even if you don't typically shoot this style of video, Captions has you covered. You can use their AI avatars to create a video from a short prompt and then let the AI edit feature handle the rest, turning it into a polished piece with various effects and transitions.

Tools for Seamless Video Creation

Gaurav Misra, co-founder and CEO of Captions, shared insights with TechCrunch about the inspiration behind the app. When he left Snap in 2021, his goal was to simplify the video creation process, focusing on effective communication.

“Our main goal has been allowing people to convey a message. If you think about the journey of what does it take to say what you want to say on video, it’s complicated. It starts with the idea of what do I actually want to say, preparing the script, recording the video and editing it to make the clip engaging,” Misra explained.

Captions is designed to support this journey with three main tools:

  1. A top-notch camera toolkit to aid in recording.
  2. Editing tools that include AI-powered corrections for manually recorded videos.
  3. A generative feature where users don’t need to record at all.

Expanding AI Characters

Currently, Captions offers 12 AI characters for video creation. The plan is to add three to four new characters weekly, with the ultimate goal of enabling users to create their own AI characters. This is particularly useful for sales, marketing, and communication, where digital avatars are becoming more prevalent.

Competitors like D-ID and Synthesia are also in the space, but Misra believes Captions offers superior quality and accessibility, especially since all tools are available directly on the phone. TikTok’s recent addition of AI avatars for ads shows the growing trend, but Captions aims to stand out with its comprehensive suite of video creation tools.

Navigating AI's Impact on Content Creation

The ease of creating videos with Captions can lead to a flood of content on social media. This brings up concerns about discoverability and the impact on creators who invest significant time in their work. Misra acknowledges these challenges but believes quality content will always find its audience.

“Mass production of content would be possible, but to stand out, you have to have a unique message or story, which will be where people will spend more of their time now. Kinda like how digital music enabled easier music creation without playing an instrument, but instead of lowering the quality of music, it just enabled more people to become musicians and raised the creativity bar,” he said.

Looking Ahead: New Features

Captions isn’t stopping with its current offerings. The company plans to roll out features like a skit option where two AI avatars can interact, enhancing the storytelling potential of their videos. With continuous updates and new tools, Captions is set to revolutionize how we create and share video content.

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