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Call My Link is your Personal Meeting AI Assistant

May 17, 2024

AI is now part of your video meetings

It's time we powered up our video and audio meetings with a sprinkle of artificial intelligence. Wouldn't it be nice to glance at the summary of a meeting that took place instead of reading through the entire transcript?

Isn't it cool to have a summary of a long video meeting between multiple participant immediately available on the web for all participants to see, hear and play back, along with the transcript?

Call My Link by Stork is like a limitless Zoom with AI analyzing what everyone said, generating a complete transcript with a summary and a title, making all of that available on the web for all participants to see immediately after the call is finished.

How does it work?

Create “Call My Link” — fast and free. Open a account (free) and click on a “Call My Link” folder. There you will find your own private “Call My Link” URL. Anyone clicking that link will join a video audio conference with you. All participants, at the end of the conference will receive email with the summary of a meeting and a link to play back a meeting or read its full transcript.

What do I get?

Recorded meetings have a private URL. One needs to know that URL in order to access meeting recordings and its content. The owner of “Call My Link” page can delete the records. You get the Summary of the meeting in Text, the full transcript, ability to play back the meeting in video or audio. Ability to share the URL of a recorded meeting with anyone.

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