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Best AI Mockup Generators to Create Stunning Mockups

September 11, 2023

Are you lacking design skills or the resources to hire a professional designer? Do you wish to create unique and customized mockups tailored to your needs? AI mockup generators are here to assist you, helping to craft unique product mockups from text and sketches in just a few minutes.

Why Do You Need a Mockup Generator?

A mockup generator is an online tool that facilitates the creation of realistic simulations of your designs in various scenarios. It can be a depiction of how your app would appear on an iPhone screen, the visualization of your logo on a coffee mug, or your book cover on a shelf. These generators are essential for presenting your work professionally and engagingly, saving you time and money that might otherwise be spent on expensive software or hiring a designer.

Best AI Mockup Generators

Here, we introduce you to some of the best AI mockup generators available:

Fotor AI Mockup Generator

  • Creates high-resolution mockups for various products
  • Offers different image styles including photography and illustration
  • Allows preview and download in high-resolution


  • Houses over 5000 mockup templates
  • Facilitates customization with your own images, text, and colors
  • Supports exporting in various formats including PNG, JPEG, and SVG

Visily AI Mockups Generator

  • Generates customizable mockups from text descriptions, screenshots, or URLs
  • Offers different screen sizes and templates


  • Helps in creating mockups for digital products like websites, apps, and logos
  • Houses over 7,000 mockup templates for different devices and scenarios


  • Creates mockups for a variety of products and designs
  • Offers over 50,000 mockup templates


  • Assists in creating mockups for videos, websites, and logos
  • Houses over 1,000 mockup templates

Artboard Studio

  • Online tool for creating product or design mockups
  • Offers over 20,000 mockup templates


  • Online editor for creating and editing mockups using AI
  • Houses over 3,000 mockup templates

Mockuuups Studio

  • Desktop software for creating product or design mockups
  • Offers over 600 mockup templates


  • Helps in creating mockups for banners, ads, and social media posts
  • Houses over 2,000 mockup templates


  • What are the benefits of using AI mockup generators?
  • They save time and effort, create professional-quality visuals, and enhance marketing and sales campaigns.
  • What are the drawbacks of using AI mockup generators?
  • They may have limitations in customization, editing, and compatibility.
  • How to use AI mockup generators?
  • Select the product type, input details, choose a template, customize it, preview, and download.
  • How to choose the best AI mockup generator for your needs?
  • Consider factors like product type, customization options, quality, ease of use, and pricing.


In this guide, we have explored the top 10 AI mockup generators that can assist you in creating stunning mockups for your products or designs. We hope this article aids you in selecting the best AI mockup generator to suit your needs, comparing their features, pros, and cons, and pricing plans.

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