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Artificial Intelligence: Not Quite the Boogeyman We Expected

December 26, 2023

AI's Hype and Reality

Artificial intelligence, particularly the type based on large language models, is kind of like that one hit wonder band from the 90s — huge hype, then a not-so-graceful settling into everyday life. It's like the autumn season of AI's hype cycle, but unlike crypto's mysterious vanishing act, AI is sticking around like that one relative at family gatherings who just won't leave. The fearmongers, or as I like to call them, the AI-doomsday preppers, believe AI will eventually enslave humanity. However, the real threat of AI is more like an omnipresent layer of mistakes and wild imaginations, seeping into our collective brain like an annoyingly catchy jingle​​.

The Silicon Valley Tug-of-War

In the high-tech gladiator arena known as Silicon Valley, the battle between AI doomerism and e/acc (whatever that means) rages on. These tech titans, often as down-to-earth as a SpaceX rocket, argue tirelessly about AI's potential to either save or doom us all. Spoiler alert: they're usually wrong. Just ask the self-driving cars and VR headsets collecting dust in the tech graveyard​​.

AI's Unexpected Popularity Contest

Here's a twist: AI, particularly ChatGPT, became the cool kid in tech town much faster than anyone predicted. Its creators probably expected it to be the nerdy sidekick, but instead, ChatGPT turned into the prom king of the tech world, surprisingly popular and sticky (in a non-literal sense, thankfully). The hype wasn't about creating a digital god, but more about "Hey, look how many people actually like this thing!"​​.

Generative AI: The New Work Buddy

According to the latest studies, generative AI is the new favorite toy among the young and tech-savvy. Its main use? Automating the most thrilling of human activities: work tasks and emails. Who needs fun when you can have AI write your work emails? Sure, it sometimes gets facts wrong, but hey, it's making office life a bit less dull, right?​​.

Humans vs. AI: The Error Olympics

News flash: humans aren't exactly champions at sharing error-free information. Just take a stroll through the wilderness of social media. But AI, especially those based on language models, spreads misinformation with the confidence of a seasoned politician, all thanks to our blind trust in the accuracy of Google search results and Wikipedia. Remember the good old days of skepticism? Yeah, AI doesn't​​.

The Subtle Impact of AI in Daily Life

Finally, the use of ChatGPT and similar tools in our daily chit-chat might not seem like a big deal, but it's like a slow leak in a dam — subtle but potentially problematic. The real question is why we trust AI so much for these tasks. Maybe we should look at the tasks themselves rather than just the flashy AI doing them. While these AI creations don't resemble anything like a Hollywood-style AI apocalypse, they're definitely worth a closer look. Maybe we should put down our techno-optimism goggles and see AI for what it really is​​.

In conclusion, AI is here to stay, not as a super-genius overlord, but more like that slightly quirky colleague who sometimes gets things wrong but is generally helpful. Let's keep an eye on it, though, because who knows what it might learn next?

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