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Apple's Leap into Advanced AI: Unveiling the Feret Model

December 29, 2023

Apple's Game-Changing Multimodal AI

Recently, Apple has introduced a groundbreaking multimodal AI system named Feret, which seems to have outsmarted the GPT-4 in some benchmarks. The Feret model, mainly a vision model, utilizes the CLIP ViT L14 tool for image understanding and transforms text inputs into comprehensible formats for the system. It's like teaching a robot to understand a cat meme - not easy, but Apple seems to have nailed it.

Feret vs. GPT-4: The New AI Showdown

Comparing Feret with GPT-4, it's fascinating to see how Apple's model excels in image identification. Feret's benchmarks on input types like point, box, and free form, as well as output grounding, put it a notch above GPT-4, especially in terms of understanding the relationship between objects in an image. Apple has essentially created a model that doesn't just see boxes but understands the Mona Lisa’s smile in those boxes.

The Vision Test

In a vision test involving a motorcycle image, Feret's accuracy in identifying specific parts, like a shock absorber, was impressive. Meanwhile, GPT-4’s response about exhaust pipes and mufflers was, well, a bit off the mark. It's like asking for directions to the nearest coffee shop and being told about a tea house two blocks away – close but not quite there.

Feret's Precision

What truly sets Feret apart is its precision in pinpointing minute details in cluttered scenes, something GPT-4 struggles with. For example, in a test involving traffic lights, Feret could accurately identify the lights amid chaos, while GPT-4 was like a lost tourist in Times Square – bewildered and inaccurate.

Apple GPT: Siri's New Brain?

Now, let's talk about Apple GPT, rumored to enhance Siri's capabilities. It's like giving Siri a PhD in linguistics and a sense of humor. Apple GPT aims to make conversations more natural and text generation more intuitive, potentially revolutionizing how we interact with Siri. Imagine Siri not only understanding your pizza order but also joking about pineapple on it.

The Bigger Picture: AI in Apple's Ecosystem

Apple's AI ventures extend beyond just fancy models. With acquisitions like Emotient and Turi, they're building a powerhouse of AI capabilities. From facial recognition to on-device machine learning, Apple is ensuring Siri isn't just a voice in your phone but a gateway to an AI-enhanced future.

Closing Thoughts: Apple's AI Ambitions

In conclusion, Apple isn't just dipping its toes in the AI pond; it's doing a cannonball. With the Feret model outshining GPT-4 in specific tasks and the mysterious Apple GPT on the horizon, the tech giant is poised to redefine AI's role in our daily lives. It's like watching a sci-fi movie, but you're in it, and Siri is the narrator.

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