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Apple Might Use Google's AI Stuff, and Maybe ChatGPT Too

March 19, 2024

Let's cut to the chase: Apple, the big company that makes iPhones, is thinking about using some smart tech from Google called Gemini and maybe even ChatGPT from OpenAI. "Wait, what?" Yeah, even Apple needs friends when it's diving into the smart brainy world of AI.

In a Nutshell:

  • Apple and Google are chatting about putting Google's smart brain Gemini in iPhones.
  • ChatGPT, the thing that chats back, might join the party.
  • Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, says AI goodies are coming for iPhone users soon.
  • Big question: Will Apple make its own smart stuff, or use Google and OpenAI's brainy tech?

The Lowdown

Apple's been making cool gadgets for a while, but now it wants its phones to be not just cool, but also super smart. According to some news from Bloomberg, Apple's talking to Google about using Google's smart tech in iPhones. And it's not just stopping there; it's also looking at ChatGPT, which is like having a really smart conversation partner.

Tim Cook, who calls the shots at Apple, has been talking a lot about spending tons of time and effort on making AI stuff. This isn't just for fun; they're planning to roll out some of these smart features for folks using Apple products "later this year." Imagine your iPhone being able to do more smart stuff because it's got some help from Google or maybe even ChatGPT.

Before we get too excited, remember that Samsung already did something similar by putting Google's smart tech in its Galaxy S24 phones. And Google's own Pixel 8 phone is already showing off its smarts. But when Apple decides to join the fun, it's like the party really starts.

Teaming up with Google for AI might make some people raise their eyebrows, especially since Apple already pays Google a lot of money to be the main search engine on iPhones. If they get even closer because of AI, it's like Apple's saying "Hey, we need a bit of help in the smart department" to Google's tech reaching over 2 billion iPhones.

Behind the scenes, Apple's been trying out its own smart chatbot named Apple GPT and has another big smart project called Ajax. But the word on the street is that Apple's own smart tech isn't quite as sharp as the competition.

So, when will we know for sure if Apple and Google are going to be AI buddies? The news says not to expect any big announcements until maybe around June at the WWDC event. So, we've got to be patient and see how this all plays out.

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