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Amazon's Bedrock: The New Frontier in Generative AI Services

May 17, 2024


Amazon has officially rolled out Bedrock, its generative AI service that's now available to all AWS customers. Initially introduced in April, Bedrock provides a platform for building applications using generative AI models from both Amazon and third-party providers. The service is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing AWS services, offering a robust solution for businesses looking to leverage AI for various tasks.

What Bedrock Offers

Bedrock enables users to create AI "agents" that can perform a variety of automated tasks, such as booking travel, managing inventory, and processing insurance claims. The service is set to include Llama 2, an open-source large language model from Meta, alongside other models from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, and Stability AI.

The Technical Details

Bedrock will be the first to offer Llama 2 in both 13-billion- and 70-billion-parameter versions. For those unfamiliar, parameters are essentially the "skills" of a model, learned from historical data. This makes Bedrock a strong competitor to Google's Vertex AI, which also offers a library of fine-tunable models.

AWS Synergy

Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Data and AI at AWS, emphasizes that Bedrock's strength lies in its compatibility with existing AWS services. For instance, it integrates well with AWS PrivateLink, allowing for secure connections between Bedrock and a company's virtual private cloud.

Beyond Bedrock

In addition to Bedrock, Amazon has also introduced its Titan Embeddings model, which converts text into numerical representations to power search and personalization applications. This model supports around 25 languages and can handle text chunks up to 8,192 tokens in length.

A Rocky Start but a Promising Future

Although Bedrock had a somewhat shaky beginning, with limited access for cloud customers, Amazon is clearly committed to making a significant impact in the generative AI market, as evidenced by its recent investment in AI startup Anthropic.


What is Amazon's Bedrock?

Bedrock is a generative AI service by Amazon that allows AWS customers to build applications on top of various AI models.

How does Bedrock compare to Google's Vertex AI?

Both services offer a range of fine-tunable models, but Bedrock has the advantage of seamless integration with existing AWS services.

What types of tasks can Bedrock's AI agents perform?

They can handle tasks like booking travel, managing inventory, and processing insurance claims, among others.

Is Bedrock available to all AWS customers?

Yes, as of its recent launch, Bedrock is generally available to all AWS customers.

What is the Titan Embeddings model?

It's a first-party model by Amazon that converts text into numerical representations for search and personalization applications.

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