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AI Colleagues: Not Just Sci-Fi Anymore

May 17, 2024

What’s Really Happening with AI in the Workplace

Confused Code Cruncher

So, David Sacks tweeted something that caught my eye. He talked about AI becoming a regular part of our work teams, kind of like those computer-generated characters in video games. The tweet is here if you want to see it for yourself: David Sacks' Tweet. Now, this idea isn’t just a fancy thought; it’s actually starting to happen.

Stork.AI vs. The Usual Suspects (Teams & Slack)

Sherlock Holmes 2.0

Before this tweet even popped up, Stork.AI was already messing around with something similar. They’ve been building this software where AI isn’t just a fancy calculator but works alongside humans – like a real teammate. Now, this is different from what you’d see in tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack. Those are great for chatting and sharing files, but they don’t have AI teammates that can chip in on your projects.

AI Colleagues: Not Just Robots

The Robo-Conference

David Sacks isn’t just talking about using AI as a fancy tool. He’s thinking about each team having its own AI, kind of like having a unique team member who’s really good with data and doesn’t need coffee breaks. These AIs could have their own quirks and ways of doing things, making them more than just a one-size-fits-all solution.

The Unseen Workforce Behind AI Colleagues

Tiny Techies at Work

Here’s something you might not think about: behind every AI colleague, there’s a whole bunch of other AI working in the background. Think of them as the unsung heroes or, let's say, the digital support crew. These AI, maybe dozens or even hundreds of them, are constantly checking and double-checking everything the AI colleague does. They handle quality assurance, operations, fact-checking, you name it. Without this swarm of AI sub-slaves, our AI coworker would be like a junior employee who's just started and doesn’t really know the ropes yet.

AI Evolution: From Junior to Senior

From Freshman to CEO, AI Style

Right now, these AI colleagues are more like junior team members. They’re helpful, sure, but they’re still learning. With advancements like GPT-5, we can expect these AI coworkers to get a big promotion, so to speak. They’ll become more like senior team members, capable of handling more complex tasks and making bigger contributions. But, even then, they’ll still rely on that swarm of background AI to keep things running smoothly.

Wrapping It Up: AI in the Office

Caffeinated Circuitry

What we’re looking at here is not some fancy, far-off future thing. It’s happening now. Stork.AI is already on this path, making AI more than just a tool – making it a part of the team. It’s not about AI taking over; it’s about them helping us do our jobs better. So, while Microsoft Teams and Slack keep us connected, Stork.AI is pushing the envelope, adding an AI colleague to the mix, backed by an unseen army of digital helpers.

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