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Adobe: Unveiling Three Groundbreaking Generative Models including AI Vector Imaging

May 17, 2024

Adobe is no longer just a silent player in the AI game; it's making waves with its latest innovations. During its annual Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, the tech giant announced three new generative AI models that are set to redefine creativity and design. Here's a deep dive into these exciting developments.

Firefly Image 2: The Next-Gen Text-to-Image Generator

Adobe's Firefly has been a game-changer in the text-to-image generation scene. After its beta release in March, users have generated over three billion images using this model. Now, Adobe is leveling up with Firefly Image 2, a more advanced successor.

What's New?

  • Enhanced Quality: The new model offers improved photographic quality, higher resolutions, and more vivid colors.
  • Generative Match: This feature allows users to upload an image that the new generation will resemble.
  • Photo Settings: Users can adjust settings similar to manual camera lens controls.
  • Prompt Guidance: This helps users get the results they desire while writing their prompts.

Firefly Image 2 is available now and supports over 100 languages.

Firefly Vector: World's First Generative AI for Vector Graphics

Vectors are crucial in business marketing for their scalability and crisp look. Adobe introduces Firefly Vector, the world's first generative AI model for vector graphics.

Key Features

  • Generative Match: Ensures the vector outputs match existing styles like a brand's style kit.
  • Gradients and Geometry: The model can handle complex gradients and precise geometry.

This tool is currently available in Adobe Illustrator in beta.

Firefly Design: Text-to-Template Capability

Adobe's new Firefly Design model allows users to generate fully editable templates through text prompts. Whether you need a flyer or a social media post, this model has got you covered.

Special Features

  • Generative Fill: Easily insert, remove, or replace objects.
  • Translate: Auto-translate into 45 languages.
  • Drawing and Paint: Adds over 50 multicolor paint and decorative brushes.

The tool is available in beta in Adobe Express.


What languages does Firefly Image 2 support?

Firefly Image 2 supports over 100 languages.

Is Firefly Vector available for commercial use?

Yes, it is trained on licensed content and is safe for commercial use.

How does Firefly Design differ from other design tools?

It allows users to generate fully editable templates through text prompts, making the design process more intuitive.

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