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14 Best Slack Apps & Integrations For High Performing Teams In 2023

February 27, 2024


Slack has revolutionized team collaboration, and its integrations with various apps have made it an indispensable tool for businesses. Below, we explore 14 of the best Slack apps and integrations, providing detailed insights, links, and reviews.

1. HubSpot Integration

slack app among best slack apps
  • Website: HubSpot
  • Review: HubSpot's integration with Slack enhances marketing efforts by providing essential tools for efficiency. It allows seamless communication between sales and marketing teams, making it a must-have for businesses focused on growth.

Integrating HubSpot with Slack is designed to streamline various tasks and enhance collaboration within teams. HubSpot's integration for Slack aims to minimize time spent on menial tasks like writing emails and data entry, allowing the sales team and reps to focus on building relationships.

The integration offers several features to facilitate this process:

  • Shortcuts: You can search for and create objects like tasks, tickets, companies, contacts, and deals directly within Slack.
  • Slash Commands: These allow you to search and post HubSpot objects or actions directly within Slack.
  • Conversations: You can get notified in a designated Slack channel about incoming chats from your website and respond to them within Slack.
  • Notifications: Stay connected to activities in your HubSpot CRM by receiving notifications for reminders, mentions, form submissions, and more within Slack.
  • Workflow Integration: You can set up workflows to send notifications to specific Slack channels or associate a new or existing Slack channel with a HubSpot company or deal.

User reviews on the integration are mixed. Some users praise the integration for being surprisingly fast and easy, allowing them to avoid using a mobile app or another channel.

Others find it useful for notifications and managing communication, saving a lot of wasted time. However, some users have reported issues, such as a lack of features, difficulty in setting up tags, or problems with message pushing in Slack threads.

Overall, the integration seems to offer valuable features that can enhance collaboration and efficiency, but the user experience may vary.

It might be beneficial for those considering this integration to explore the setup guide and perhaps test it within their specific workflow to ensure it meets their needs.

One user, Vinay Kumar Rasala, mentioned that the integration was smooth and allowed for easy updates in a Slack thread about tickets.

Another user, Rajavanya Subramaniyan, found the integration perfect and appreciated the availability feature. However, some users like Sebastian Vaisov found the integration lacking in features and not meeting their specific needs.

The integration seems to cater to various needs, from sales enablement to collaboration and notification to project management tool too.

It appears to be a versatile tool that can be tailored to different business requirements, but potential users should be aware of the mixed reviews and possibly explore the integration firsthand to ensure it aligns with their specific needs.

Integrating HubSpot with Slack seems to be a promising solution for many, but it may require some familiarity and customization to fully realize its potential.

2. Simple Polls

slack app among best slack apps for slack integration
  • Website: Simple Polls
  • Review: Simple Polls offers an intuitive way to create polls within Slack. Whether deciding on lunch options or gathering team opinions, it's a handy tool that encourages participation and quick decision-making.

Integrating Simple Polls with Slack is a straightforward process that can be done with just a few clicks. By visiting the Simple Poll website, users can add the integration to their Slack workspace by clicking the "Add to Slack" button.

Once installed, creating a poll is as simple as using the /poll command followed by the question and options within a Slack channel. The integration also offers advanced features like anonymous polls, limited votes, and recurring polls, all of which can be easily set up using specific commands.

Users who have experienced the integration first-hand have praised its simplicity and effectiveness. For example, Bobby Kingsberry, Director of Global Information Technology, mentioned how Simple Poll has come in "super handy" for their team at Lucidworks, emphasizing the simplicity and speed with which they can create a poll in dedicated Slack channel.

Overall, the integration of Simple Poll with Slack is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to users of all skill levels, and it has received positive feedback from various professionals for its ease of use and functionality.

3. Typeform Integration

slack app among best slack apps for slack integration
  • Website: Typeform
  • Review: Typeform's integration with Slack ensures that survey results are easily accessible. It's a great tool for businesses looking to gather feedback and analyze data without leaving the Slack environment.

Integrating Typeform with Slack is a process that's designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Through the use of automation tools like Zapier, users can connect Slack and Typeform without needing any coding skills. The integration process consists of a few simple steps that can be completed in just a few minutes.

  1. Authenticate Slack and Typeform: This step ensures that both platforms are properly connected and can communicate with each other.
  2. Choose a Trigger: This is the event that will kick off the automation. For example, you might choose a new Typeform entry as the trigger.
  3. Choose an Action: This is what will automatically happen in Slack when the trigger event occurs in Typeform.
  4. Select the Data: You'll need to specify what information you want to send from Typeform to Slack.

The integration offers various templates and options, such as getting the Slack message notifications for new Typeform entries, sending new Typeform entries to private Slack channels, or even sending Slack channel messages with OpenAI responses generated from new Typeform entries.

Zapier's platform emphasizes that this integration is meant to be easy automation for busy people, allowing them to move information between web apps automatically.

This frees up time and allows users to focus on more important work. The integration also offers flexibility, with support for more than 5,000 apps, providing endless possibilities for automation between Slack and Typeform.

The user experience is further enhanced by the availability of pre-made workflows known as "Zaps," which can be customized to suit individual needs. These Zaps can be used to create more complex automations that go beyond simply connecting two apps.

Overall, the integration of Slack and Typeform via Zapier appears to be a seamless and efficient process, designed with the user's convenience in mind.

It's a solution that can be utilized by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, to automate workflows and enhance productivity.

You can explore more about this integration on Zapier's website.

4. Calendly Integration

slack message after leaving slack
  • Website: Calendly
  • Review: Calendly's integration with Slack simplifies scheduling by delivering event digests directly to your channel. It's a time-saving tool that keeps everyone on the same page regarding upcoming meetings and events.

Integrating Calendly with Slack is a straightforward process that can be accomplished without any coding skills, thanks to platforms like Zapier. The integration allows users to automate the information flow between Calendly and Slack, making it easy to send notifications, updates, and reminders.

Here's how the integration works:

  1. Authenticate Calendly and Slack: This step takes about 30 seconds and ensures that both applications are connected securely.
  2. Choose a Trigger: Pick an event in Calendly that will initiate the action in Slack. This could be a new scheduled event, a cancellation, etc.
  3. Choose an Action: Decide what you want Slack to do when the trigger event occurs. This could be sending a message to a channel, posting a file, etc.
  4. Select the Data: Define what information you want to send from Calendly to Slack. This step takes about 2 minutes.

The entire process is designed to be user-friendly and can be completed in just a few minutes. Zapier offers various templates and workflows to quickly automate Calendly and Slack, such as sending out Slack status messages for new Calendly invites or posting canceled Calendly events to a Slack channel.

These automations can be customized to fit specific needs, and there are options to get digests of Calendly events delivered to Slack daily, weekly, or monthly.

The integration is described as "easy automation for busy people," allowing users to focus on more other important tasks at work while the apps communicate seamlessly in the background.

The integration's simplicity and efficiency are evident in the short time frames mentioned for each step, emphasizing that it's designed for non-technical users.

Overall, the integration of Calendly with Slack through Zapier appears to be a smooth and efficient process, aimed at saving time and enhancing productivity.

It's a valuable tool for anyone looking to streamline their scheduling and communication within a team, especially for remote or distributed team teams where coordination can be challenging. You can learn more about this integration and try it for free on Zapier's website.

5. Google Sheets Integration

team member leaving slack
  • Website: Google Sheets
  • Review: This integration allows real-time updates on changes made to Google Sheets within Slack. It's perfect for teams that rely on shared documents and need to track modifications without constantly checking the sheet.

Integrating Google Sheets with Slack is a process that has been made relatively simple and user-friendly, especially with the help of automation tools like Zapier. This integration enables users to send notifications to Slack users via channels or direct messages whenever changes are made to a Google Sheet, or even when new rows are added.

Here's a general overview of how the integration can be set up:

  1. Connect Google Sheets and Slack: This involves authenticating both applications, ensuring a secure connection.
  2. Choose a Trigger: Select the specific event in Google Sheets that will initiate the action in Slack, such as updating a row or adding a new one.
  3. Choose an Action: Define what you want Slack to do when the trigger event occurs, like sending a message to a specific channel or user.
  4. Map the Data: Specify what information from Google Sheets you want to send to Slack. This could include the content of the updated row, the name of the sheet, etc.

The integration can be customized to fit various needs, and there are pre-made templates available to make the process even more straightforward.

Users can set up notifications for specific metrics, updates on shared projects, or even scheduled summaries of new entries.

Many users who have experienced this integration first hand praise its convenience and efficiency. It's particularly useful for teams working on collaborative projects, as it ensures that everyone stays informed about updates in real-time.

The integration also helps in reducing the need to constantly check Google Sheets for changes, as all necessary information is directly sent to Slack.

However, some users might find the initial setup a bit complex, especially if they are not familiar with Zapier or similar tools.

But once the integration is set up, it runs smoothly, and there are plenty of online resources and tutorials available to guide users through the process.

6. Statsbot

slack users assign tasks
  • Website: Statsbot
  • Review: Statsbot is a powerful analytics tool that integrates with Slack. It provides on-demand updates on performance metrics, making it an essential tool for data-driven businesses.

Statsbot is a data analytics tool that can be integrated with Slack to provide real-time insights and analytics directly within the Slack workspace.

Integrating Statsbot with Slack typically involves installing the Statsbot app from the Slack App Directory and configuring it with the necessary permissions to access the required data sources.

Once integrated, team members can use Statsbot within Slack to query data, receive notifications, and interact with dashboards without leaving the Slack environment.

The integration is designed to be user-friendly, allowing non-technical team members to interact with complex data sets through simple commands and queries.

The ease of integration may vary depending on the specific data sources and configurations required, but generally, the process is designed to be straightforward.

User reviews and opinions on the ease of integration may vary, and it would be beneficial to consult specific forums, review sites, or community discussions to gather firsthand experiences from users who have integrated Statsbot with Slack.

The integration of Statsbot with Slack can enhance team collaboration by providing immediate access to critical data insights, enabling informed decision-making, and streamlining communication around data-driven projects.

It can be a valuable addition to teams that rely heavily on data analytics and want to foster a more collaborative and data-driven culture within their organization.

7. Zoom Integration

team member of remote team
  • Website: Zoom
  • Review: Zoom's integration with Slack facilitates remote communication by allowing instant video conferencing. It's a vital tool for remote teams and enhances collaboration across distances.

Integrating Zoom with Slack is a common practice that allows teams to streamline their communication and collaboration efforts. The integration is designed to be user-friendly and can be accomplished by installing the Zoom app from the Slack App Directory.

Once installed, team members can use simple Slack commands to start, join, or schedule Zoom meetings directly within their Slack channels. For example, typing "/zoom" followed by the meeting details can initiate a Zoom call, and all team members in the channel can join with a single click.

The integration also allows for notifications and reminders related to Zoom meetings to be sent within Slack, keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring that meetings are not missed.

User reviews and opinions on the ease of integration are generally positive, with many highlighting the convenience and efficiency of being able to manage Zoom meetings without leaving the Slack environment.

However, individual experiences may vary, and it would be beneficial to consult specific forums, review sites, or community discussions to gather firsthand experiences from users who have integrated Zoom with Slack.

Overall, the integration of Zoom with Slack is seen as a valuable tool for remote teams, distributed teams, and anyone looking to enhance their virtual collaboration capabilities.

It brings together two essential platforms in a seamless way, making it easier for teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate, regardless of their location.

8. Tetra

slack integration
  • Website: Tetra
  • Review: Tetra's wiki integration with Slack helps maintain team culture and knowledge sharing. It's an excellent tool for larger teams that need a centralized knowledge base within Slack.

9. Dropbox Integration

  • Website: Dropbox
  • Review: Managing and sharing files becomes a breeze with Dropbox's integration with Slack. It's a reliable tool for businesses that require frequent file sharing and collaboration.

10. Salesforce Integration

slack integration
  • Website: Salesforce
  • Review: Salesforce's integration with Slack enhances collaboration and simplifies searches across platforms. It's a scalable tool that suits businesses of all sizes, making it a valuable addition to any team's toolkit.

11. Dealbot by Pipedrive CRM

slack integration
  • Website: Pipedrive
  • Review: Dealbot by Pipedrive CRM offers a comprehensive solution for managing pipelines within Slack. It's a robust tool for sales teams looking to streamline their processes, and its integration with Slack ensures seamless communication.

12. Time Doctor

slack integration
  • Website: Time Doctor
  • Review: Time Doctor's time tracking capabilities within Slack offer detailed insights into task management. It's an interactive tool that helps teams stay on track with their projects, making it an essential app for productivity.

13. Giphy

slack app integration
  • Website: Giphy
  • Review: Giphy adds a fun element to Slack conversations by allowing users to share animated GIFs. It's a light-hearted tool that can boost team engagement and interaction, adding a touch of creativity to daily communications.

14. Google+ Hangout Integration

slack app integration
  • Website: Google+ Hangout
  • Review: This integration allows quick video chats within Slack channels. It's a convenient tool for face-to-face communication without leaving the Slack environment, making it perfect for remote teams or quick catch-ups.


These 14 best Slack apps integrations and integrations offer a wide range of functionalities that can enhance team collaboration, efficiency, and engagement. From scheduling to file management, analytics to fun interactions, these tools cater to various business needs.

For those looking for an all-in-one collaboration platform, Stork.AI offers video conferencing like Zoom, team collaboration like Slack, and screen recording like Loom. It also transcribes and records all video and voice calls, making them searchable.

Investing in the right Slack apps and integrations can lead to a more cohesive, productive, and successful team in 2023. Whether it's sales, project management, or just adding a bit of fun to the workday, these best Slack apps have something to offer for every team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do Slack apps do?

Slack apps enhance the functionality of Slack by integrating various tools and services. They can help manage projects, schedule meetings, track progress, and boost productivity within slack channels.

2. What apps can I add to Slack?

You can add a wide range of apps from the Slack app directory, including project management tools, scheduling apps, analytics tools, and more. Some popular ones include HubSpot, Google Calendar, Asana, and Zoom.

3. Does anyone still use Slack?

Yes, Slack is widely used by remote teams, distributed teams, and businesses of all sizes for communication, collaboration, and project management.

4. How is Slack different from teams?

While both Slack and Microsoft Teams offer communication and collaboration tools, Slack provides a more extensive range of the slack bot and app integrations, allowing users to customize their workspace with various apps and bots.

5. What integrations does Slack have?

Slack has numerous integrations with popular tools like Google Drive, Salesforce, Asana, and more. These integrations enable users to manage tasks, schedule meetings, and receive real-time notifications within Slack.

6. How many Slack integrations are there?

There are hundreds of Slack integrations available in the Slack app directory, catering to different needs such as project management, sales teams, remote work, and more.

7. How do I integrate apps into Slack?

You can integrate apps into Slack through the Slack app directory. Simply find the app you want to add and click "Add to Slack." Some apps may require additional permissions or a few clicks to complete the integration.

8. What apps can you use with Slack?

You can use a wide variety of apps with your Slack account, including but not limited to project management platforms, scheduling tools, analytics apps, and tools to increase team productivity.

9. What apps should I add to Slack?

The best apps to add to Slack depend on your other team member's needs. Popular choices include project management tools like Asana, scheduling apps like Calendly, and analytics tools like Google Analytics.

10. Is Slack the best app for communication?

Slack is considered one of the best apps for team communication, especially for remote colleagues and distributed teams. Its integrations, channels, and direct messages enhance collaboration and efficiency.

11. What is the best feature of Slack?

One of the best features of Slack is its extensive integration capabilities. You can add apps to manage tasks, track project progress, and even engage in a little healthy competition among team members.

12. Why is Slack so popular?

Slack's popularity stems from its user-friendly interface, extensive integrations, and ability to facilitate communication and collaboration across time zones and remote work environments.

13. Can I integrate Google Calendar with Slack?

Yes, Google Calendar can be integrated with Slack, allowing you to receive notifications and manage your schedule directly within your Slack workspace.

14. How do I manage projects within Slack?

You can manage projects within Slack by integrating project management tools like Asana or Trello. These integrations allow you to create tasks, assign tasks to team members, and track project progress.

15. Are there free Slack apps available?

Yes, there are many free Slack apps available in the Slack app directory. Some may offer completely free versions, while others might have free tiers with limited features.

16. How can I boost my sales team's productivity with Slack?

Integrating CRM tools like Salesforce or Pipedrive with or Slack integration can help your sales teams manage leads, track sales progress, and communicate more efficiently.

17. Can I create tasks within Slack?

Yes, by integrating task management tools like Asana, you can create tasks, assign them to team members, and manage them directly within Slack.

18. How do I save time with Slack integrations?

Slack integrations with tools like Google Drive and Calendly can save time by centralizing your work processes, allowing you to manage files, schedule meetings, and complete tasks within Slack.

19. Can I track work hours within Slack?

Yes, integrations with time tracking tools like Time Doctor allow you to track work hours and monitor productivity within your Slack conversation.

20. How do I engage in healthy competition within my team using Slack?

Some Slack apps and bots facilitate gamification and competitions among team members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and motivation.

21. Can I receive real-time notifications from other apps in Slack?

Yes, many Slack integrations provide real-time notifications, such as updates from Google Analytics or alerts from project management platforms.

22. How do I find the best free Slack apps for my team?

You can explore the Slack app directory and filter by categories or search for specific functionalities to find the best free Slack apps that suit your team's needs.

23. Can I use Slack for remote team building?

Yes, Slack offers various integrations and features that facilitate team building, such as dedicated Slack channels for socializing and apps for virtual team-building activities.

24. How do I increase team productivity with Slack?

Integrating project management tools, scheduling apps, and collaboration platforms can help increase team productivity by streamlining workflows and enhancing communication within Slack teams.

25. Can I integrate Asana with Slack?

Yes, the Asana Slack integration allows you to manage projects, create and complete tasks, and receive updates on project progress directly within Slack.

26. How do I manage remote colleagues using Slack?

Slack's channels, direct messages, and integrations with tools like Zoom make it an effective platform for managing remote colleagues and fostering collaboration across distributed teams.

27. Can I integrate Google Drive files with Slack?

Yes, the Google Drive integration with Slack allows you to share, access, and manage Google Drive files directly within your Slack conversations.

28. How do I use Slack shortcuts to save time?

Slack shortcuts provide quick access to common actions like sending messages, creating channels, and more. You can access them by pressing the shortcut key or browsing the Slack directory.

29. Can I use Slack for project tasks and project progress tracking?

Yes, by integrating project management tools like Trello or Asana, you can manage project tasks, assign responsibilities, and track project progress within Slack.

30. How do I ensure that my entire team is on the same page using Slack?

Utilizing Slack channels, threads, and integrations with project management tools ensures that your entire team stays aligned and informed, keeping everyone on the same page.

31. Can I use Slack bots to automate tasks?

Yes, Slack bots can be used to automate repetitive tasks, send reminders, and even engage in conversations with other team members, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

32. How do I find the best Slack integrations for my business?

You can explore the Slack app directory and filter by categories, such as, project management platform, sales, or collaboration, to find the best Slack integrations that align with your business needs.

33. Can I use Slack for remote work collaboration?

Absolutely! Slack is designed to facilitate remote work collaboration through channels, direct messages, and integrations with tools like Zoom and Google Drive.

34. How do I use Slack for sales teams?

Integrating CRM tools and sales-focused apps can help sales teams communicate, manage leads, and track progress within Slack, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

35. Can I schedule meetings within Slack?

Yes, by integrating scheduling tools like Calendly or Google Calendar, you can schedule meetings, receive reminders, and manage your calendar directly within Slack.

36. How do I use Slack for task management?

Integrating task management tools like Asana or Trello allows you to create, assign, and manage tasks within Slack, streamlining workflows and keeping your project team aligned.

37. Can I use Slack for team building activities?

Yes, Slack offers various channels, apps, and integrations that facilitate virtual team-building activities, fostering a sense of community and engagement among team members.

38. How do I use Slack to track project tasks?

By integrating project management platforms like Asana, you can track project tasks, assign responsibilities, and monitor project progress within Slack.

39. Can I integrate Google Analytics with Slack?

Yes, the Google Analytics integration with Slack allows you to receive updates, reports, and insights directly within your Slack channels, keeping you informed in real time.

40. How do I use Slack to manage remote colleagues?

Slack's channels, direct messages, and integrations with collaboration tools make it an effective platform for managing remote colleagues, fostering communication, and alignment across distributed teams.

41. Can I use Slack for sales teams communication?

Yes, Slack offers various integrations and channels that facilitate communication among sales teams, allowing them to share updates, manage leads, and collaborate efficiently.

42. How do I find the best apps for my Slack workspace?

You can explore the Slack app directory, filter by categories, and read reviews to find the best apps that suit your Slack workspace's specific needs and goals.


Slack offers a versatile platform for team collaboration, project management, and communication. Its extensive range of integrations and apps caters to various business needs, making it a valuable tool for teams of all sizes. Whether you're looking to manage projects, boost productivity, or foster team building, Slack's features and integrations provide the flexibility and functionality to achieve your goals.

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