To streamline contract management, businesses of all sizes are turning towards innovative solutions to keep up with the demands of the modern world. One such solution is Zefort, a contract management software designed to ease the burden of handling numerous contracts with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Discover Zefort: Your Contract Management Ally

Zefort aims to deliver a "Zero-Effort" experience when it comes to contracts. With an intuitive platform, Zefort helps users create, sign, and store their contracts with ease. It boasts an array of features that cater to the varied needs of legal teams, procurement departments, HR, sales teams, and company administration.

Simplify Contract Creation and Signing

Creating contracts should not be a cumbersome task. With Zefort, users can easily create online documents that are ready to be signed. The platform supports a range of document types including service subscription forms, NDA agreements, and many more. Zefort Sign, a feature within the platform, ensures that signatures collected are secure and legally binding—allowing for peace of mind when sealing deals.

Organizing Contracts Made Easy

After signing, contracts are automatically archived in Zefort's secure system. Users can upload contracts and related files straight to the platform via email or through the web dashboard. The AI technology behind Zefort efficiently extracts contract data and indexes it, creating a searchable database much like a Google search for your contracts. This feature empowers users to find the information they need quickly and confidently.

Be Proactive with Automatic Reminders

One of the challenges of contract management is keeping track of important dates and deadlines. Zefort addresses this issue by offering automatic reminders. Users can rest assured that they will be prompted about renewal dates or other contract-related events, reducing the risk of overlooking critical milestones.

Hear Success Stories from Zefort's Customers

Several organizations have already experienced the benefits of switching to Zefort, including Nitor, Futurice, Olympia, Rovio, Atria plc, and Norlys Energy Trading. These customer stories highlight the adaptability and effectiveness of Zefort in different contexts and scales of operation.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

For those concerned about compatibility with other systems, Zefort can be integrated with a range of existing document management systems and eSignature services. It complements rather than complicates the current workflow, making it an asset for those looking to enhance their contract processes.

A Secure Home for Your Contracts

Security is not an afterthought with Zefort. The platform is designed to maintain stringent security standards akin to banks, securing private data and meeting regulatory requirements. Users can manage contracts knowing that their information is protected at every level.

Gain Insights and Stay Informed

The Zefort Insights blog offers a wealth of information, from articles spotlighting legal innovation to continuous learning, keeping users informed on best practices and new trends within contract management.

Whether you're managing a small business or a large corporation, Zefort's simplified, secure, and intuitive contract management solutions make it a tool worth considering. Its blend of user-friendly features and AI-enabled capabilities are designed to make the otherwise tedious task of contract management as effortless as possible.

To view a demo or start a 14-days trial with Zefort, you can visit their platform. Keep in mind that no credit card is required to begin the trial, allowing you to explore the features without an upfront commitment. And if you want to dive deeper into what Zefort has to offer, don't hesitate to look into their integrations, security features, or read through more customer stories on their website.

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