Explore the world of efficient video summaries with YoutubeDigest. This clever browser extension, designed to work with the ChatGPT AI, provides convenient summaries of YouTube videos, saving you time and enhancing your viewing experience.

YoutubeDigest offers a variety of summary formats, including traditional article-style summaries and bullet points, catering to different preferences. It also supports translation into multiple languages and provides easy export and sharing options.

Join over 25,000 users and enhance your YouTube viewing experience by downloading the extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a ChatGPT account to run this extension?
Yes, you will need an account to use YoutubeDigest.


Does it only work for YouTube?
Currently, it is designed specifically for YouTube, but there are plans for expansion. Users are welcome to suggest other platforms.


Can it translate the transcript to a different language?
Yes, the AI can summarize in many languages, and users can also add new languages.

Please feel free to reach out through their contact channels if you have any further questions.


· Saves time by summarizing long videos

· Provides multiple summary formats

· Supports language translation and allows users to add new languages

· Easy to export and share summaries


· Requires a ChatGPT account for usage

· Currently only compatible with YouTube

· Translation and summary accuracy may vary and may not fully replace watching the full video

In conclusion, YoutubeDigest is an excellent tool for quick insights from YouTube content without committing to watching the entire video. Its user-friendly interface and versatile features make it beneficial for students, professionals, and casual learners.

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