xChat by Stochastic

Discover the Simplified World of AI Chatbots with xChat

In the universe of AI chatbot technology, xChat emerges as a streamlined way to inject intelligence into your customer interactions and internal operations. This powerful tool is designed to refine the art of communication between your business and its audience. Here’s everything you need to know about how xChat can transform the way you engage.

Elevated Customer Support

No one likes to wait on hold or navigate through endless automated menus. With xChat, those days are over. Leverage this AI chatbot to offer immediate and precise responses to customer inquiries. Quick replies not only satisfy your customers but also free up your support team to handle more complex issues.

Boost Workplace Productivity

xChat isn't just customer-facing. Implement it as an internal tool, and it becomes your team's go-to for instant information. Need to track down a document or get a quick refresher on a process? Just ask the chatbot, and the information is at your fingertips, promoting efficiency in your daily operations.

Instant and Accurate AI Chatbot Creation

Building an AI chatbot with xChat is incredibly quick. Within minutes, you can have a fully operational AI chatbot just by entering a URL. It's designed to provide lightning-fast and accurate responses. Plus, it has the capability to parse through extensive amounts of data, from large websites to detailed technical documents.

Continual Improvement Through Feedback

You don't just build your AI chatbot and leave it to its own devices. With xChat, you can influence its learning curve, shaping your chatbot with human feedback. This process ensures that your AI chatbot evolves and continually optimizes its responses over time.


Crafting a sophisticated chatbot like xFinance has historically been an expensive affair. However, xChat’s model allows you to build potent AI chatbots for less than 1% of the cost of traditional methods. A boost to both performance and your budget.

Proven Excellence

When it comes to privacy, xChat lets you deploy the entire system on your private cloud. This means your data stays where it belongs – with you. The chatbot’s effectiveness is tried and true, as seen in its real-world application on websites, including academic institutions like Harvard.

Frequently Asked Questions


Trials and Free Plans: xChat provides a free plan supporting 200 messages per day, perfect for testing the waters. There are also free trials for premium plans to find the right fit for your needs.


Ease of Use: No setup or installation fees are involved. Start with xChat for free and adjust your plan as your requirements change.


Data Security: Your data is safely encrypted in the cloud, and you have control over it.


Collaboration: Create and share your chatbot, inviting colleagues to collaborate, or share it externally with ease.


Natural Language Processing: xChat’s answers are formulated using advanced AI, delivering precise responses and learning from any corrections you make.


Discounts: Special pricing is available for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.


Payment Options: Flexibility is key, with acceptance of major credit cards and provisions for annual subscription invoicing.


Support: If you encounter any issues, xChat’s dedicated support team is at the ready to assist you.

xChat in Your Business Arsenal

Whether you aim to enhance customer service, streamline internal processes, or simply explore the possibilities of AI in your operation, xChat is equipped to handle the challenge. Its integration is seamless, its learning ability dynamic, and its impact on efficiency palpable. By embracing xChat, you’re not just adopting a tool; you’re enhancing the way your business communicates in the digital age.

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