XBuddy AI

Discover XBuddy AI – Your Customizable Companion

In the realm of apps, innovative ideas reshape how we interact and engage with the world. At the forefront of such advancements is XBuddy AI, an app that lets you craft your ideal companion without leaving your cozy couch.

What XBuddy AI Offers

XBuddy AI is an inventive app designed by Fatih Turker, ideally utilized on iPads and compatible with multiple Apple devices. It extends the exciting proposition to design a buddy aligning perfectly with your unique preferences and interests. Here's a look at what you can do with XBuddy:

  • Language Choice: No matter what language you speak, XBuddy offers a multitude of options to choose from, making communication a breeze.

  • Characteristic & Skill Selection: Pinpoint your buddy’s personality traits, from the comic to the intellectual, and tailor abilities to align with your hobbies, whether it's literature, music, or culinary arts.

  • Gender Customization: Personalize the experience further by selecting your buddy's gender, crafting interactions that are comfortable and tailored to you.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The app prides itself on a simple, intuitive interface that helps you create your buddy quickly and with ease.

  • Security: Security is a primary focus for the XBuddy team, ensuring your customized buddy and conversations remain private and secure.

What's New in the Latest Update

XBuddy's recent update brings fresh features that enhance user experience:

  • Message Timestamps: Keep track of your interactions with message creation times now visible within the chat interface.

  • Buddy Updates: Change your buddy's name, language, and traits as you evolve and your needs change.

Your Privacy Matters

Fatih Turker, the developer behind XBuddy AI, is committed to user privacy, not collecting data from the app usage. Rest assured that privacy practices are set according to the highest standards.

Download and Compatibility

To embark on a journey with your digital buddy, download XBuddy today from the Mac App Store. The app runs on iPhones with iOS 11.0 or later, iPads with iPadOS 11.0 or later, iPod touch with iOS 11.0 or later, and Macs with macOS 11.0 or later equipped with an Apple M1 chip or newer.


While XBuddy AI is free to download, additional in-app purchases allow for further customization, offering credit packs for additional features.

For more detailed information and to view their privacy policy, you can visit the developer's site or the App Store page.

Creating genuine connections in the digital age is now more exciting and personalized with XBuddy AI. It's time to craft the company that's just right for you and explore the benefits of tailored companionship.

For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

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