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Stay Connected with Your Team's GitHub Activities Using Summarizely

As collaboration becomes increasingly important in the software development process, it's crucial to have the right tools to keep everyone on the same page. Summarizely is a tool designed to provide clarity and improve communication within engineering teams. Its primary function is to summarize your teammates' GitHub activities and deliver these summaries straight to your team's Slack channels.

Effortless Setup and Integration

Setting up Summarizely is a breeze. It requires only a few clicks to get started, with no complicated code or credit card information needed. This simplicity ensures that teams can implement Summarizely without any disruptions to their workflow.

People Mapping Feature

An outstanding feature is the ability to map teammates' Slack and GitHub accounts. This direct mapping ensures you always know which teammate is associated with each activity on GitHub, fostering a transparent work environment.

Harnessing OpenAI's Power

The core of Summarizely's functionality lies in its summarization capabilities. It uses OpenAI's latest API to provide state-of-the-art summaries. The technology has been fine-tuned by the Summarizely team to cater specifically to the needs of software development teams, ensuring high-quality, relevant, and concise updates.

Data Security Matters

When it comes to data, Summarizely values your privacy. It's designed to operate without storing any of your data. The tool simply sends GitHub activities to OpenAI, and once summarized, sends the results back to your Slack workspace. This transparent process maintains data integrity and security.

Accessible Pricing and Plans

For those interested in joining early, Summarizely is offering a fantastic deal. The first 100 sign-ups on the waitlist will receive a 1-year free premium plan. The premium plan's exact pricing is not finalized yet, but rest assured that all free workspaces come with 100 credits as a start, and each summary will consume between 1 to 2 credits, depending on the volume of your pull requests (PRs). Eventually, the service will move to a subscription model with a fixed number of credits per month.

Premium Plan Benefits

The premium plan is designed to cater to the needs of dynamic engineering teams. Here are some of the benefits:

· Unlimited people mapping: Keep track of an unlimited number of team members and their activities.

· Unlimited summarizing rules: Customize summarization to fit the team's workflow.

· Customized prompt: Adapt the tool to focus on what's most important to your team.

· Priority support: Get help when you need it the most, with a dedicated support team.

Being part of the early access program allows you to receive invoices and receipts, which can simplify company reimbursement processes.

Summing It Up

Summarizely aims to bring a new level of understanding and awareness to software development teams. By emphasizing easy integration, data security, and the utilization of AI technology, the tool is set to revolutionize the way teams communicate GitHub activities.

Getting Early Access

If you're eager to enhance your team's communication and stay up to date with GitHub activities, consider getting early access to Summarizely by signing up. This is a promising step towards streamlined and efficient project management within your engineering team.

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