Are you a language learner looking to improve your speaking skills? SpeakFit.ai is here to help you overcome the "intermediate plateau" and make your language more convincing for your career goals.

How does SpeakFit work?

🤖 Listen and Respond: The AI-powered conversational assistant presents you with a debatable question. 🎙️ Record Your Opinion: Press the record and share your thoughts. 🧐 Refine Your Answer: SpeakFit will help improve your response, making it more fluent and natural.

Key Features of SpeakFit

  1. Fresh Daily Topics: Engage with new and interesting conversation topics every day. You can even use these facts for small talk with others.
  2. Two Types of Corrections: Receive feedback on basic errors and learn to rephrase your speech to sound more native, using the advanced GPT4 model.
  3. Practice in Chunks: Dedicated practice sessions with 3 questions, taking only 3-5 minutes each. Gain stars for passing milestones and enjoy gamification.
  4. Precise Voice Recognition: Speak confidently knowing that your speech will be recognized accurately.
  5. Advanced Phrases Practice: Embed and learn phrases by actively using them in your answers, rather than just remembering translations.

Pros of SpeakFit

  • Specialized features for language progress tracking, reminders, and fresh daily topics for discussions.
  • Efficient and time-saving practice sessions.
  • Tailored for intermediate and advanced language learners.

Cons of SpeakFit

  • May not be as comprehensive as language learning apps like Duolingo for beginners.
  • Requires consistent daily practice to see significant improvement.

How to Get Started with SpeakFit

To begin improving your speaking skills, commit to 10-15 minutes of discussions with SpeakFit.ai every day. With its dedicated feedback, engaging content, and precise voice recognition, you'll be on your way to speaking your target language with confidence.

So why not give SpeakFit.ai a try and hone your language skills in a way that feels personalized and engaging? Start your language learning journey today with SpeakFit.ai!

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