Speak English With AI

Discover a Supportive Companion in Tutor AI for English Conversation Practice

In the modern world, mastering the English language is a valuable asset for personal growth and professional success. However, finding a comfortable space to practice and improve English speaking skills can sometimes be challenging. Tutor AI steps in as a friendly and patient supporter in your English learning journey, offering a unique way to develop your conversational abilities.

Engage with AI Characters Tailored to Your Preferences

Tutor AI sets itself apart from traditional learning platforms by providing a cast of diverse AI characters for you to converse with. Each character comes with their own background, including varying genders, ages, accents, and professions. This allows learners to experience a rich array of dialogue scenarios that reflect real-world interactions. You can dive into conversations that happen spontaneously, giving you the feel of an actual human interaction, without any predefined scripts.

Real-Time Feedback and Language Improvement Tips

What makes Tutor AI exceptionally beneficial for learners is its ability to listen and analyze your spoken English in real time. This smart application suggests better ways to phrase our thoughts, enhancing your vocabulary and refining your pronunciation. This immediate feedback mechanism is like having a personal tutor who guides you through the subtleties of the English language, helping you to convey your ideas more effectively.

Customizable Learning Experience

Flexibility is key when it comes to language learning, and Tutor AI understands this perfectly. With options to adjust the pace of conversation or replay it for review, the app caters to different learning speeds and styles. It also features translation tools at the touch of a button – both word-for-word and full messages. And if ever there's a moment you find yourself stuck, Tutor AI is ready with prompts to keep the conversation going.

Affordable Access to a Powerful Learning Tool

An aspect that makes Tutor AI accessible to many is its reasonable pricing plans. Providing an 'awesome experience' as the standard, the app offers various tiers that cater to the needs of different users. With options for 60 minutes, 300 minutes, or even unlimited access, you can choose a plan that fits your learning intensity and budget.

Success Stories from Real Users

Real people have seen real progress with Tutor AI. Maria from Brazil, for example, after years of traditional study methods, found that regular English speaking practice with Tutor AI significantly boosted her language competency. Similarly, Ahmed from Egypt utilized the app’s structured practice to overcome his weaknesses and successfully pass an English proficiency test required for his job.


For learners of English, Tutor AI emerges as a resourceful and innovative tool. It promises a supportive environment where you can polish your English speaking skills at your own pace, with custom feedback and without fear of judgment. Whether you're facing an English proficiency test or just wanting to express yourself better in everyday conversations, Tutor AI is your steadfast companion, ready to guide you toward fluency with every spoken word.

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