Introducing Quivr: Your Personal AI Assistant for Document Analysis

Are you overwhelmed by the volume of documents you need to go through? Whether it's for your studies, work in sales, consulting, or legal services, Quivr can help.

Quivr acts as your "second brain," allowing you to upload and interact with your files seamlessly. It can summarize documents and provide insights, making your life easier.

How It Works

Using Quivr is simple: upload your files and start interacting with them. Here’s how Quivr can support various professions:


Quivr’s document analysis capabilities can help students and researchers with assignments and research tasks.


Sales professionals can gain deeper insights into clients and market trends.


Consultants can use Quivr to craft tailored solutions.

In the legal field, Quivr provides fast access to definitions and case analyses.

With Quivr, you can gain valuable insights from your documents more quickly than ever before.

What People Say

Users hail Quivr as an "amazing project" and an "awesome AI tool."


  • Quality: Generate meaningful summaries.
  • Efficiency: Save time in reviewing documents.
  • Collaboration: Simplify sharing key insights from documents.


  • Learning curve: Might take time to learn about all functionalities.
  • Dependency: Might make individuals rely solely on the AI-generated information.

Whether you’re a student, working in sales, consulting, law, or any area that involves document analysis, Quivr is the perfect companion for organizing and making sense of massive amounts of data in a smarter way. Experience Quivr now and discover the power of having your own second brain at your fingertips.

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