Your Company's Knowledge Assistant

Make Work Easier with Pragma: Your Company's Knowledge Assistant

Are you tired of endlessly searching for information across different platforms? Meet Pragma - the AI-powered tool that serves as your company's knowledge assistant. Here are some of the key features that make Pragma a game-changer for your organization:

Instant Access to Information

  • Pragma integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms such as Slack, Chrome, Outlook, and it's even available as a chatbot on your website. This means that you can access information instantly whenever and wherever you are working.

Time-Saving Slack Bot

  • Avoid time-consuming searches for information in Slack. Pragma's Slack Bot surfaces answers directly within Slack, saving time and effort.

Multi-Platform Assistant

  • Pragma's AI Assistant helps you string together your apps, allowing you to trigger multi-platform actions with a single command. You can get your information summarized, emails crafted, and messages sent all under a transparent, trust-worthy umbrella.

Personalized Privacy Options

  • Pragma takes a privacy-first approach to integrations. You can choose whether to store data on their end or not, and customize privacy settings for each integration according to your company's needs.

Continuous Learning and Knowledge Refinement

  • By marking AI responses as unhelpful, Pragma empowers your team to enhance the quality of future responses. This feedback loop not only identifies gaps in your knowledge base but also improves the overall knowledge repository of your organization.

Empowering Your Sales Team

  • Pragma equips your sales team to easily retrieve important details, insights from competitor websites, and use your organizational knowledge to create content that resonates with clients.

AI-Powered Support

  • Use Pragma's AI-powered auto-reply suggestions to streamline your customer support responses across platforms like Intercom, Gmail, Linkedin, and Outlook. Additionally, automate customer support on your website by embedding a chatbot trained on your data.

Real Testimonials

  • Customers like Peachy Insurance, Optimove, and Hour One have found incredible value in using Pragma. They have praised its ability to bridge internal knowledge gaps, streamline customer support, and enhance the overall performance and efficiency of their teams.

In this fast-paced digital age, having access to the right information at the right time is crucial for any organization. With Pragma, you can ensure that your team has the knowledge they need to excel, without the hassle of tedious searches and manual inquiries. Give your company the boost it needs to thrive and succeed with Pragma.

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