Looking for a tool that allows you to practice conversations and get advice from historical figures and celebrities? PracticeTalking is an AI-powered tool that enables engaging and educational conversations using the power of AI.

Our tool lets you talk with anyone, real or imagined! Whether you need help starting a conversation with your crush or want to chat with a famous personality, it's all possible with our tool. You can even ask Ronaldo how it feels to be one of the best players of all time but to have never won the World Cup.

Our pre-trained AIs are ready for use, or you can create your own for customized conversations. Whether it's for a job interview, college admissions, or overcoming shyness, our AI can provide valuable feedback. You can also share your created AIs with the community and use those created by others.

Examples of AIs our tool offers include chats with your crush, interviews with pirates, conversations with celebrities, custom-trained AIs for specific scenarios, practice for job interviews, and more. We continue to release more AIs, and our community of users will also contribute their creations for everyone to use.


  • Fun and engaging way to practice conversations
  • Personalized for specific scenarios or interests
  • Valuable for overcoming shyness or preparing for important interviews


  • May not fully replicate real human interaction
  • AI responses may not always be perfect

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