Enhance Your Learning on YouTube with Ortus AI

Are you a curious mind who loves to learn new things from YouTube videos but often find yourself with lingering questions or in need of a quick summary? Imagine having a smart buddy right in your browser, ready to help you gain more from your video experiences. Enter Ortus, a revolutionary Chrome extension designed to make your video learning interactive and more efficient.

Interactive Video Viewing with a Twist

With Ortus, you embark on an interactive journey across various popular channels like Huberman Lab, Lex Fridman, The AI Epiphany, and more. But what sets Ortus apart is the ability to engage with the content you're watching. Ever had a question pop up during a video? Now, you can ask away, receive relevant answers, locate specific timestamps, and delve deeper into the subject matter—all without ever hitting pause.

Getting Started: A Simple Four-Step Process

1. Choose a channel Start by picking one of the supported channels that match your interests.

2. Dive in with questions Inquire about anything related to the video content directly through Ortus.

3. Gain insights quickly Obtain high-quality summaries to understand key points without watching the entire video.

4. Sync with Notion With a new feature that allows you to copy insights, references, and resources directly to Notion, your note-taking efforts are significantly reduced.

Become Part of the Ortus Community

To truly benefit from Ortus, join their Discord community, where every question is answered, and your feedback is highly valued. Not only will you find support, but you'll also connect with others who share your passion for learning and innovation.

Addressing Common Queries

· Available Platforms: Ortus is currently available as a Chrome extension, making it easily accessible for the majority of users.

· Cost: The Ortus Chrome Extension is free, providing an affordable option for enhancing your learning experience.

· Support: If you encounter issues with the extension, there's a supportive community and team ready to help you out on Discord.

· Privacy Concerns: Upon installation, the extension requests permission to view your browsing history to function effectively within the context of YouTube videos, not to intrude on your privacy.

As with any tool, there are pros and cons to consider. Ortus, with its simple yet impactful features, could transform the way you interact with video content, although some may hesitate due to the browsing history permission. Nonetheless, the benefit of having a personal AI buddy to help you learn faster and more effectively could be a game-changer.

For more details on data handling, you can review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service provided by Ortus AI. Embrace a smarter way to absorb information with Ortus, and make every video view count.

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