Log meals with AI

Discover Truecount: Your AI Nutritionist Companion

In the journey of health and fitness, keeping track of what you eat greatly influences your progress. This is where Truecount steps in, merging technology with your daily meals to make tracking your nutrition as seamless as possible.

Capture Your Meals with a Snap

One of the core features of Truecount is its ability to let you log your meals simply by taking a photo. Gone are the days of manually entering every component of your dish. Snap a picture, and the AI swiftly analyses it, providing you with macro-nutrient data and insightful feedback.

Detailed Feedback at Your Fingertips

After logging your dish, what you get in return isn't just a table of numbers. Truecount's AI Nutritionist doesn't just stop at tracking; it informs you about your food choices and offers suggestions to improve your meals, ensuring that you remain on track towards your health goals.

Hassle-Free Start with a Free Trial

If you're not quite ready to commit, Truecount welcomes you with a ten-day free trial. This period allows you ample time to explore the features and decide whether it's the right fit for you. Once the trial concludes, if you find that the app meets your needs, you can continue benefiting from the service for a monthly subscription of $45.

Easy App Access

Getting started with Truecount is easy. Simply download the app by scanning the provided QR code, which takes you straight to the App Store. In no time, you'll have the power of AI nutrition tracking right in your pocket.

Continuous Improvement and Support

Truecount Inc., the mastermind behind this innovation, ensures that the app you're using isn't just another static piece of software. Their dedication is evident as they continually push the boundaries, refining the app's functionality and staying updated with the latest in nutrition science.

In a modern world where time is precious, Truecount offers an effective solution to an often tedious task. Its intuitive AI, coupled with user-friendly design, makes it a valuable ally in the quest for better health.

Pros of Truecount:
  • Quick meal logging with just a photo
  • AI-powered feedback to optimize your diet
  • A substantial ten-day free trial to experience the service
  • Convenient app download via QR code from the App Store
  • Regular updates and improvements by Truecount Inc.
Cons of Truecount:
  • After the trial, the $45 monthly fee may not be within everyone's budget
  • Reliance on AI might not capture the nuance of every unique diet need

To learn more about how Truecount can become a part of your health journey, visit the app store and get started on a path to smarter nutrition tracking.

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