Are you tired of slogging through massive documents to find what you need? You can bid farewell to that hassle with Documind. It's an AI-driven tool that makes your life easier. Let's dive into what it can do for you.

What Can I Do with Documind?

Chat with PDF Documents

  • Upload your PDFs and our AI will help you find specific information within them.
  • No more endless scrolling to locate what you need.

Build Custom ChatGPT from Your Documents

  • Engage in interactive conversations based on your study books or novels.
  • Ask questions about complex topics in scientific papers and take your research game to the next level.

Customer Support

  • Upload your customer support manuals, guides, and FAQ documents to finish your support tickets faster.
  • Make those complicated legal documents easier to understand and search with Documind.

Features in Detail

Question Answering

  • Ask questions from your documents in a conversational way and get natural language answers.
  • Obtain citations and the source PDF along with the answer.


  • Generate a concise summary of your long PDF document with a single click.

Add on Your Website

  • Add your custom ChatGPT made with your own documents on your website.
  • Generate a shareable link and share your chatbot with other people.

Find Information 10x Faster

  • Get human-like answers to every question.
  • No more tedious retrieval—Documind's AI-powered chat provides the information you're seeking easily.

What Users Say

"It's ability to answer questions on any document I'm working on has saved me countless hours of searching and manually going through pages." - Kevin Ramroop (Founder Legaleasygy)


Where is My Data Stored?

Your data security is a top priority. The content of the documents you've uploaded is hosted on secure GCP servers in us-east. Access to your data is heavily restricted, meaning your data stays confidential and private, accessible only by you.

How Do I Set This Up for My Organization?

Sign-up and upload your documents to get started or get in touch with us for a personalized implementation suitable for your business, no matter how small or large.

Do You Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes! Please contact us to know more.

How Much Does It Cost?

Documind is free, but you can subscribe to a paid plan if your requirements are high. The goal is to let everyone harness the power of the latest AI language models, so competitive pricing is provided.

Does It Support Other Languages?

Absolutely! It supports over 95 languages, so you can have your documents and ask questions in any language.

Can I Share a Chatbot I Created?

Yes, you can share your chatbot with your team and friends and also host it on your website. Your team doesn't have to sign up or upload documents.

Unlock the knowledge in your documents and try Documind for free today. Join over 20,000 Documind users and become part of our growing community. If you have any questions, you can also join our Discord channel or drop us an email at

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