Introducing Digital Surface: The AI-Powered Screen Recording Tool

Are you tired of losing track of your work history? Do you struggle to share your design process with your team? Look no further! Digital Surface is here to support you. It's a simple and secure screen recording tool that uses AI to help you capture and document your work effortlessly. With powerful features and different use cases, this tool is designed to make your work life easier.


Searchable History of your Screen

· No more losing track of your previous work.

· Easily find what you were working on by searching for keywords.

Secure Data Storage

· All your data lives on Google Cloud, keeping it safe and accessible.

· Your account is password-protected, giving you peace of mind.

Multiple Use Cases

Digital Surface is designed to assist various professionals in their work:

· Software Engineers: Empower debugging complex issues by recording and sharing screen interactions, code explanations, and troubleshooting steps.

· Designers: Showcase design processes by recording screen while creating UI/UX mockups, explaining design decisions, and collaborating with the team.

· Product Managers: Communicate product ideas by recording demos of new features, illustrating user stories, and presenting product roadmaps.

· Data Analysts: Visualize and share insights by recording data manipulation, chart creation, and data-driven presentations.

· Mobile App Developers: Demonstrate app functionality by recording interactions within the app, showcasing UI responsiveness, and illustrating user flows.

· Quality Assurance Testers: Document bugs and test scenarios by recording testing sessions, demonstrating issues, and creating comprehensive bug reports.

Pros and Cons


· Versatile tool with various use cases.

· Secure and reliable data storage on Google Cloud.

· Simplifies communication and collaboration among teams through visual documentation.


· Pricing based on screenshot frequency may not be suitable for everyone.

· Limited information provided on student pricing and refund policy.


The pricing for Digital Surface is based on your screenshot frequency, with options for different levels of usage:

· 1 Screenshot per Minute - $15/month (or $12/month if paid annually)

· 10 Screenshots per Minute - $30/month (or $24/month if paid annually)

· 60 Screenshots per Minute - $60/month (or $48/month if paid annually)

Try It For Free!

Get started with Digital Surface today and never lose track of your work again. Whether you're a software engineer, designer, product manager, data analyst, mobile app developer, or quality assurance tester, this AI-powered tool has something for everyone. Try it for free and see the difference it can make in your work life!

With its simple interface and powerful functionalities, Digital Surface is the ultimate tool to document your work history, showcase design processes, communicate product ideas, visualize insights, demonstrate app functionality, and document bugs and test scenarios. Sign up today and take your productivity to the next level!

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