Are you concerned about the security of your crypto trades? Do you want more convenience and peace of mind when managing your assets? Look no further than Chôra, the intelligent non-custodial account abstraction bot.

What Makes Chôra So Smart?

Chôra is designed to simplify and secure your crypto trading experience. Here's a look at what it offers and why you should consider using this innovative tool:


Smart Account Management: Chôra is an intelligent non-custodial account abstraction wallet with features like social login, 2FA, and unmatched recoverability. This means you can control your account with ease and have the peace of mind that comes with enhanced security.


Enhanced Security: Do away with the fear of a single point of failure. Chôra provides enhanced security and rich recovery options, operating on the principle of account abstraction. This allows for partial delegation of security, without compromising asset custody.


Recoverability: In the unfortunate event of losing your seed phrase, Chôra ensures that you can regain access to your wallet. We understand that mistakes can happen, and our platform is built to support recovery for worst-case scenarios.

Features You'll Love

Here are some of the features that set Chôra apart and make it a must-have for crypto enthusiasts:


Text-to-Invest: Command your portfolio with AI chat. Chôra's AI-powered text-to-invest functionality takes your trading to a whole new level, allowing for seamless and intuitive management of your investments.


Two-Factor Authentication: Chôra gives you the option to enhance your security with 2FA authentication at the transaction level. This additional layer of protection safeguards your assets more effectively.


Gasless Transactions: Experience the future of crypto trading with zero gas fees on selected chains. Chôra's innovative platform makes eco-friendly, gasless transactions accessible to everyone, paving the way for a more sustainable trading environment.

Pros and Cons of Chôra


· Enhanced security measures

· Recoverability in case of lost seed phrase

· Intelligent AI-powered portfolio management

· Eco-friendly gasless transactions on selected chains


· Limited availability of gasless transactions to selected chains

Chôra is designed to make crypto trading easy, ensuring optimal security, user control, and convenience. Sign up now for early access and embrace the future of non-custodial account management with Chôra!

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