Adventure Stories

Are you looking for a tool to spark creative storytelling with your kids? Thabble, an AI-powered tool, can help with that. By using Thabble, you can create your own adventure using the power of AI and your choices. Let's explore how this works and why it can be a great tool for parents and kids to enjoy together.

How Thabble Works

Here's a brief overview of how Thabble works:

  • Create brand new stories up to 3,000 words long
  • Kids have the power to decide what happens next in the story, making it a fun and interactive experience
  • Stories that you create are saved to your Library, allowing you to share them or read them later
  • In the near future, Thabble will have a feature that uses AI to read stories out loud

Why It's Great for Parents and Kids

Thabble is designed to be a creative activity that promotes active participation from both parents and kids. Here's why it's great for you:

  • It encourages creativity and imagination in kids as they get to choose the next part of the story
  • It's an excellent bonding activity for parents and kids, fostering shared creativity and quality time together
  • Listening to AI-read stories can improve kids' listening skills and expose them to new vocabulary and sentence structures


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Encourages creativity and imagination in kids
  • Promotes quality time and bonding between parents and kids
  • Can help improve listening skills in children


  • Limited to stories up to 3,000 words long
  • The AI read-aloud feature is not available at the moment (but is coming soon!)

In summary, Thabble is a tool for parents and kids to engage in a creative storytelling adventure together. By giving kids the power to decide where the story goes next, parents and children can enjoy a unique and enjoyable activity, building memories and creativity along the way.

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