Are you tired of spending time on writing documentation for your code? Imagine if there were a tool that could do it all for you. Well, now there is! We're excited to introduce to you Mintlify, the AI-powered tool that makes writing code documentation a breeze.

What is Mintlify?

Mintlify is a VSCode extension that utilizes AI to generate comment documentation such as docstrings for functions automatically with just a tap of a button. By integrating it into your codebase, you can save time and enhance your project by having clear and precise documentation. The best part is that it's available for JavaScript and TypeScript, and it's absolutely free.

How Does It Work?

The extension is simple and intuitive to use. Once installed, you can easily activate it with just a click. The AI takes over and produces detailed docstrings for your functions.

Benefits of Using Mintlify


  • It saves time: Writing documentation can be tedious, but Mintlify does it in a snap.
  • Accurate and clear: The generated documentation is clear and precise, ensuring your projects are well-documented.
  • No cost: It's free to use for JavaScript and TypeScript developers.


  • Limited language support: Currently, it's geared towards JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • AI-generated: While highly accurate, some prefer writing their own documentation.

User Testimonials

Developers who've used Mintlify are raving about it. From going to the top of the list of favorite extensions in mere seconds to being a lifesaver for managing previously undocumented code, Mintlify has certainly made an impact.

  • Gerhardvr, a community member, remarked, "I stumbled onto Mintlify Doc Writer for JavaScript and TypeScript earlier today. What an awesome discovery!"
  • Kyle Shifflett, in his review, said, "I've never written a review for a VSCode extension, but this one was so good that I couldn't not do it. Absolutely incredible and well done."
  • Anna Johansson shared, "Unbelievably helpful, this is exactly what AI should be used for. Blown away, this will be of GREAT value for me!"

Final Thoughts

Mintlify is a game-changer for developers, helping them breeze through the often tedious process of writing code documentation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, this free VSCode extension offers an effective way to enhance your projects with accurate and clear documentation. Join the many who are already enjoying the benefits of Mintlify and say goodbye to manual docstring writing.

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