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November 22, 2023

Are you struggling to put together a compelling and detailed Product Requirements Document (PRD)? WriteMyPRD is here to make your life easier. It's an AI-powered bot that assists you in getting started with writing your PRD.

How WriteMyPRD Can Help

The WriteMyPRD bot is designed to help you begin your PRD document by providing basic information. Here's a quick overview of how it can assist you in creating a comprehensive PRD:

  • Product Information: You can input the name of your product and provide an overview or explanation of what you are building.
  • Defining Your Requirements: WriteMyPRD allows you to list all the features that need to be built and add qualitative feedback to support those features.
  • Generating Your PRD: Once you've entered the required information, the bot will generate your PRD for you.

Access to Resources

Not only does WriteMyPRD offer assistance in creating your PRD, but it also provides access to additional resources to further help you in this process. You can copy and open the provided Slack link to explore more resources for writing a top-notch PRD.

More Resources and Inspiration

In addition to the assistance provided by WriteMyPRD, you can also explore some amazing resources, including a step-by-step guide on creating a PRD by Razorpay, product management templates curated by Lenny, and free PRD templates for download.

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Share Your Feedback

Once you've tried WriteMyPRD or explored the available resources, be sure to share your feedback. Your input is valuable and can help improve the tool and resources for everyone.

Now that you've been introduced to WriteMyPRD, why not give it a try and make writing PRDs easier? It's time to take the stress out of documenting your product requirements and let this AI-powered bot guide you through the process.


  • Simplifies the process of writing a PRD
  • Provides access to helpful resources and templates
  • Offers an AI-powered assistant to guide you


  • May not be customizable to specific organizational requirements
  • Reliance on AI may limit creativity in PRD writing

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