Wraith Docs
Blog Sign Up Sign In Your assistant for Google Docs™ The easiest way to edit and polish your Google Docs™. Sign Up Quick Start Guide Why Wraith Docs? Write and edit 10X faster when you're working on Google Docs™ with our unique suite of AI tools. Everything below can be done in 1 click. Paraphrase Easily paraphrase any highlighted text in your Google Docs™ document. Expand Expand upon your ideas to quickly make it longer and more comprehensive. Simplify Make text easier for your readers to understand. Keyword Optimization Easily add keywords to your text to optimize SEO. Add Text Fast Add text to wherever your cursor is. It's context-aware, meaning it'll adapt to your writing style. Flexible Prompt Input Not enough? Put any prompt up to 4000 characters and the AI will write what you need. Frequently Asked Questions Why's this free? It's in open beta. When will the open beta close? When this website has 1000 users, so I can observe costs. If you don't see a "get on waitlist" button, sign-ups are still available. This is just so I can debug / improve upon issues users are finding fast enough. Once I feel confident there are no issues, I'll open up slots in the wait list. Do I get unlimited usage? If not, what are the limits? I'm not funded and I'm not made out of the money (I just checked). But with that said, each free account is semi-unlimited because accounts come with 250,000 tokens, which means you can process about 187,500 words. Can I use this without Google Docs™? No, this is a Google Docs™ add-on.

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