Are you looking for an intelligent tool that can help you find resources and information within your organization? Look no further! WorkplaceAI is here to make your work life easier, and your team more productive.

What is WorkplaceAI?

WorkplaceAI is an intelligent AI tool that connects to your internal tools and apps. It allows you to ask questions and retrieve resources about your own organization. Forget about spending hours searching through multiple platforms to find what you need. WorkplaceAI brings all that information right to your fingertips.

Why should you use WorkplaceAI?

Here are a few reasons why WorkplaceAI could be your next favorite tool:

· Accessibility: No more bottleneck on knowledge because information is stored with individuals. WorkplaceAI makes knowledge available to everyone.

· Increased Productivity: With quick access to resources and information, your team's productivity will soar.

· Streamlined Workflow: Instead of jumping between multiple apps, WorkplaceAI can fetch files from Google Drive, find answers on Slack, or check live events on your calendar, among other things.

How is WorkplaceAI different from other tools?

· Not just a chatbot: Unlike other tools, WorkplaceAI is not just a chatbot. It's trained on your internal docs and interacts directly with tools such as Google Drive.

· Actionable Results: It doesn't just give you answers, it provides actionable results to your queries.

How to use WorkplaceAI?

Using WorkplaceAI is as simple as sending a message on Slack. You can ask anything from how to book a holiday to solving engineering problems. It's a familiar experience for you and your team, as it integrates seamlessly with the apps you're already using.

With WorkplaceAI, you can use it to find the company logo for a presentation, book a meeting room, connect to the staging database, or even search for past similar tasks like creating a new sign-up form for the website. It's an all-in-one intelligent coworker you've been dreaming of!

Simply put, WorkplaceAI makes finding resources and information within your organization a breeze. Give it a try and experience a smarter workplace today!

Pros and Cons of WorkplaceAI:


· Easy integration with your existing tools

· Actionable results for your queries

· Knowledge accessible to everyone


· Pricing details are not yet established, but you can sign up to be notified once it's available.

Ready to create a smarter workplace? Sign up and give WorkplaceAI a try!

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