FeaturesPricingContactAffiliatesStart Free Trial ➔ Login Instantly build AI Chatbots with your knowledge baseBuild ChatGPT-powered Chatbots trained on your website links and PDF files in 5 minutesStart Free Trial ➔Book a DemoNo credit card requiredSelf-Serve Customer Support“Ever since implementing Wonderchat on our site, I've seen up to a 70% reduction of customer support queries in my inbox.”Bryce ConwayFounder and CEO of 10xTravelTrusted by 100+ businesses5 minute set-up processSpend 5 minutes to get a ChatGPT powered chatbot that works 24/7 to help you engage and retain more users and boost conversions.Try it now now ➔Your data is protected with usLoved by our customers across all industriesJosh Levitsky Global Head of Professional Services & TrainingFilewaveWonderchat has been a valuable addition to my experience with FileWave's Knowledge Base. With its AI-powered natural language searching, it's easier than ever to find the information I need without getting lost in the complexities of the KB. What I also appreciate is its ability to highlight areas where information may be missing or where search results could use improvement. Overall, wonderchat has positively enhanced my interactions with FileWave's Knowledge Base, and I'm grateful for the convenience and clarity it brings to my searches.Bryce ConwayFounder and CEO10xtravelMy name is Bryce Conway. I am the Founder & CEO of 10xTravel, a website that teaches people how to optimize their credit card and travel rewards. We have been using Wonderchat for only a couple of weeks now and I am already blown away at its capabilities and the many uses we have found for it. Wonderchat has been tremendously helpful at guiding our readers to relevant content, answering their questions, and more. The Wonderchat team has been amazingly responsive and the product seems to get substantial improvements every few days. We love this product!Ryan HanleyFounder and PresidentRogue Risk LLCWonderchat has given us the ability to offer real-time answers to our customer's questions on their terms pulling from our extensive portfolio of Insurance content. The response has been tremendous. Additionally, we've created internal chatbots that allow our team members to access best practices and knowledge bases that are critical to their success. Wonderchat is a great partner!How it worksShare a link or PDF fileBy providing the link or PDF file to your knowledge base, you can build an AI chatbot that learns from the text on your website and answers all the questions about your product.Customize Your ChatbotSet the role of your chatbot and profile photo of your chatbot to reflect your brand identity. Tailor its response length to what you like best.Ready in 5 minutesWait for less than 5 minutes to have the Chatbot learn all the information from the webpages of your website. Once done, you can instantly converse with it.Embed Chatbot on siteEasily embed a chatbot on your site by copying and pasting a simple line of code and inserting it into your page.Read and review chatlogsYou can review the history of the conversations your customers have with your chatlogs, and to filter them by reviews received.Get customer feedbackMonitor the efficacy of your Chatbot by checking up on how many

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