Discover the Insights of Top Podcasts with Wize

Wize is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to unlock the wealth of knowledge embedded within your most-liked podcasts. Imagine having the ability to pose any question and receive answers culled directly from conversations with the leading minds of various fields. This is what Wize offers—contextual wisdom on demand.

How Does Wize Work?

Through a powerful combination of technologies, Wize sifts through a myriad of interviews conducted with global experts and extracts responses that are not only insightful but also pertinent to your queries. Its core lies in several state-of-the-art components:

  • Milvus Vector Database: This is where the magic starts. Milvus is a vector database designed to handle large-scale similarity searches. It allows Wize to efficiently search through the embeddings of the podcast content to find the most relevant information.

  • DistilRoBERTa-v1 Tokenizer: A part of the process involves understanding the context of your questions. Wize uses this model to break down sentences into tokens, which helps in accurately pinpointing relevant podcast excerpts.

  • OpenAI API: This interface connects Wize with advanced machine learning models capable of understanding and generating human-like text.

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services): Thanks to AWS, Wize operates with high reliability and scalability, ensuring a seamless experience as it processes and delivers answers to your questions.

Engaging with Wize

It's a breeze to interact with Wize. On the interface, you'll find a simple textbox where you can type out any question you have in mind. After submitting your query, you can select from a variety of popular podcasts like Lex Fridman's, Huberman Lab, and The Ezra Klein Show. Then, like having a personal librarian who knows every word spoken in these podcasts, Wize fetches the information and presents it to you.

For developers or those who want to integrate Wize's capabilities into their own projects, an API is available. Built with Gradio, the API can be used to weave Wize's functionality into different applications or services.

Advantages and Considerations

While Wize is a powerful tool, like any technology, it's not without its considerations. Below is a summary of some pros and cons you might encounter.


  • Effortless Knowledge Access: Wize democratizes access to the insights of experts, saving users from having to listen to long hours of podcasts to find the information they need.
  • Time-Saving: It serves as a shortcut to learn and understand different viewpoints quickly without sifting through multiple sources.
  • User-Friendly: The interface is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible even to those who are not tech-savvy.


  • Context Limitations: Although Wize aims to contextualize responses, AI needs to continually improve to grasp and reproduce the nuance of human conversations fully.
  • Content Availability: The range of insights depends on the available podcasts in the database. If a podcast is not included, its knowledge remains untapped by Wize.

Regardless of these considerations, Wize stands out as a valuable resource for knowledge enthusiasts, researchers, or anyone curious to explore the musings of intellects in various domains.

For inquiries or to provide feedback, one can reach out via trywize@gmail.com, ensuring that the tool continues to grow and adapt to user needs. As we look towards a future where information continues to amass at staggering rates, tools like Wize are becoming essential in navigating the ever-growing sea of data and making the most out of the learning opportunities it presents.

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