A Beginner's Guide to Navigating Wisely: The AI-Powered Amazon Review Summarizer

Online shopping has become the mainstream method for procuring everything from daily essentials to special gadgets. However, one of the biggest challenges shoppers face is wading through the vast sea of product reviews. This is where Wisely, a Chrome extension, comes into play, providing you with an AI-powered summary of Amazon reviews. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Wisely and make informed purchasing decisions.

Step 1: Adding Wisely to Your Browser

Before you can start using Wisely, you'll need to add the extension to your Chrome browser. This can be done by navigating to the Chrome Web Store and searching for "Wisely: AI Summary for Amazon Reviews." Once you find the extension, click on "Add to Chrome" to install it.

Step 2: Understanding the Wisely Interface

Once Wisely is installed, a new icon will appear on your browser's toolbar. By clicking this icon, you can activate the extension on any Amazon.com product page. When activated, Wisely will scan the page and analyze the reviews and product information.

Step 3: Exploring Wisely Features

Wisely offers several key features to enhance your shopping experience:

· Summary of Pros and Cons: It distills the main advantages and disadvantages of the product as mentioned in customer reviews.

· Alerts on Red Flags: The extension highlights any potential issues or concerns that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

· Ingredient Analysis: For any food items, Wisely checks for unhealthy ingredients.

· Product Feature Highlights: It points out notable features that set the product apart.

Step 4: Using Wisely on Amazon

To use Wisely, simply visit any product page on Amazon.com. Once there, click on the Wisely icon in your browser toolbar. After the AI finishes analyzing the reviews, it will display a summary directly on the Amazon page, providing you with quick insights and helping you to digest the reviews faster.

Tips for First-Time Users

· Ensure Compatibility: Wisely currently supports only Amazon.com, but you can sign up to be notified of support for other Amazon domains through the Wisely registration page.

· Refresh Wisely: If you ever notice that Wisely isn't showing up, try refreshing the Amazon product page or the extension itself from the toolbar.

· Explore All Insights: Wisely provides various insights — don't skip over the red flags and the breakdown of usage!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Occasionally, you might run into issues where Wisely isn't responding or not showing the expected results. Here are some quick solutions:

· Check Your Internet Connection: An active internet connection is required for Wisely to analyze reviews.

· Update Your Browser: Make sure your Chrome browser is updated to the latest version for optimal performance.

· Contact Support: If you continue to encounter problems, the Wisely support team can be reached for assistance.


Wisely offers a convenient and user-friendly way to process the overwhelming amount of information in Amazon product reviews. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can make more informed decisions, save time, and enjoy a more streamlined shopping experience. For any additional information or updates on Wisely, visit the official Wisely website.

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