HomeHow it works FAQsJoin waiting list67% in sales growth: win the AI raceAI concierge for premium eCommerce brandsJoin waiting list100% automated and personalised repliesCut costs and Drive sales. (you're welcome)Winchat replies to your visitors 24/7, turns them into customers and increases AOV.45 secs set upClick on a button, we collect your website data automatically, and you're ready to go! No technical skills required. It's as simple as that!Full controlYou can preview and test your chatbot as much as you like before you activate on your ecommerce store. You can deactivate it at anytime, in one click.Train your AIUse our corrections and feedback features to make your chatbot gets even more smarter over time. Offer the most satisfying reply to your customers!Instant answers, 24/7With Winchat’s 24/7 support in over 90 languages, your customers always find what they're looking for, in a heartbeat. Best-in-class customer experience, delivered. ✅Join waiting listCollect visitors emailsWinchat's here to befriend your customers, understanding where they are on their shopping journey and collect their emails without being awkward.Join waiting listOne click upsellExtra sales for no extra effort. Immediately boost AOV with frictionless one click upsell offers. We turn customer support into a profits center.Join waiting listFrequently asked questionsSome more questions? Reach out to support@winchat.aiWhat is Winchat?Winchat allows you to easily create a no-code AI chatbot that provides instant and accurate answers to your customers' questions 24/7.Which languages are supported by Winchat?Winchat supports +100 languages, responding in the same language as your customers.How easy it is to implement Winchat on my ecommerce store?You don't need any technical skills to install Winchat on your store. It takes less than 1 minute (really!) for anyone to create a chatbot and add it to their website.Can I train Winchat to improve answers?You can provide corrections to Winchat answers at any time, so your AI chatbot gets better and better as time goes by.How accurate are the chatbot answers?Winchat uses GPT-4, providing the most accurate and natural replies to your customers. The accuracy of the chatbot answers increases with the quality of the data and corrections you provide.Can I answer manually to a customer?You are able to access the conversation history and take over the chat to manually interact with the customer.Does Winchat integrate with my other tools?Winchat can integrate with your favourite tools such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Pipedrive…Is my data secured?Yes, we take data security and privacy very seriously. We use industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect your data.Conversations that convertJoin waiting listCopyright © 2023 Winchat.Privacy Policy

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