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Whisper: Speech to Text

May 17, 2024
Whisper: Speech to Text

Discover the Magic of Transcription with "Whisper: Speech to Text"

In the modern world infused with technology, efficiency is the golden ticket to productivity. That's where tools like "Whisper: Speech to Text" come into play, aiding users to turn spoken words into written text with a few clicks. Developed by Revoo Teknoloji Limited Sirketi, this app has gained popularity and satisfies a variety of users with its impressive 4.1 rating on the Mac App Store.

Understanding "Whisper: Speech to Text"

"Whisper: Speech to Text" harnesses the power of advanced open AI technology, which enhances its capability to transcribe audio accurately and efficiently. It is a beckoning tool for individuals across various professions such as journalists, researchers, and essentially anyone looking to transform voice memos into textual archives.

  • Voice to Text Conversion: The app simplifies your workflow by transcribing audio files. It takes complex spoken words and translates them into text, which can be conveniently edited and distributed.

  • Real-time Dictation: It caters to real-time needs as well. Speak directly to the app, and it rapidly transcribes your words, benefiting individuals with writing difficulties or those under time constraints.

  • Editing and Sharing: Once your speech is transcribed, the text can be polished and shared according to your requirements.

This application is more than a simple tool; it is a reliable companion in today's fast-paced environment. It assists in documenting crucial conversations and ensures that your focus remains on the content rather than the process of transcription.

Subscription and Purchase Options

"Whisper: Speech to Text" offers several plans to accommodate your transcription needs:

  • Weekly: Tap into premium features with a $4.99 weekly subscription, renewed automatically unless canceled in advance.

  • Yearly: For extended use, a yearly subscription at $29.99 might suit your endeavors better.

  • One-Time Purchase: A single payment of $99.99 secures your access to its features without the worry of renewals.

All payments are processed through your iTunes account, with the subscription cost depending on your country of residence.

Privacy and Terms

The makers of "Whisper: Speech to Text" value your privacy and are transparent about their terms of use. You can review their privacy policy at Revoo Privacy Policy and terms of service at Revoo Terms of Service.

What’s New in Version 1.8?

The latest update, dated November 23, 2023, showcases bug fixes and improvements, enhancing user experience and reliability of the app.

User Experience

With its user-friendly interface and vital functionalities, the app has captivated users, such as tigrayrocks who acknowledges its usefulness though faced challenges in restoring purchases.


  • Accurate transcription with AI technology
  • Transcribes whispered and recorded speech
  • Suitable for real-time dictation
  • Allows for post-transcription editing
  • Multiple subscription options


  • Some users have experienced difficulties with restoring purchases
  • Relies on in-app purchases for premium features

In summary, "Whisper: Speech to Text" is a stellar solution for transcription needs. Its precision, powered by advanced technology, and adaptability across multiple platforms makes it an indispensable tool for professionals and casual users alike. Whether documenting interviews or converting thoughts into written form, it ensures that your ideas are transferred seamlessly from speech to text.

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