Are you tired of constantly searching the web for updates on certain topics or news? Imagine having a personal robot that can do this for you. WhenX is here to solve that problem. WhenX is a powerful tool that creates Semantic Alerts using AI.

  • How it Works:

    • Enter your question: Start by writing down the question or topic you would like to follow. For example, "Is there a new book by J.K. Rowling?"
    • Test your Alert: Before setting up your alert, you can test to make sure you're getting the correct answers.
    • Deploy and Get Notified: Once you are satisfied, deploy your alert. From that moment on, WhenX will notify you when the answer to your question changes.
  • Open Source:

    • WhenX is not just about functionality but also about being open-source. Powered by open-source software and built by edmar, the code is available on GitHub. This means there's potential for community collaboration and input, making it even better over time.

WhenX is ideal for personal use and is not meant for commercial exploitation. It's a brilliant way to take the hassle out of constant internet searching.


  • Saves time: It takes the task of searching the web for updates out of your hands, saving you valuable time.
  • Constant updates: You will get notified whenever there's a change in the answer to your question.


  • Limited functionality: As of now, WhenX is best suited for personal use and hasn't been deemed suitable for commercial operations.

So if you're tired of constantly searching the web, WhenX is the perfect personal assistant for you!

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