Meet Welltested: Your Development's Co-Pilot for Seamless Testing

Developing an application is like crafting a complex sculpture. Each line of code is a chisel stroke that shapes the final product. But just as a sculptor needs to smooth the edges, a developer requires a reliable method to verify their masterpiece works as intended. This is where unit testing enters the picture, and Welltested is the partner you need to ensure your application is not only functional but flawless.

Bringing Ease to Unit Testing

Unit testing is a fundamental practice aimed at validating each part of your software works as expected. Considered by many expert developers as a non-negotiable aspect of quality coding, unit testing is your first line of defense against unwanted bugs. Pioneers like @unclebobmartin and @RoyOsherove emphasize its necessity, underlining that "quality is more important than speed" and describing unit tests as the "cornerstone of any robust application."

Yet, despite its importance, unit testing can be time-consuming, sometimes even perplexing, especially if it's not your daily bread and butter. This is where Welltested shines, functioning as your Testing Pilot that generates thoughtful test cases for your code while you craft and refine your app.

Features Tailored for Developers

· Generates as you code: Welltested works alongside you, producing relevant test cases which adapt as your project evolves.

· Flutter First: Pioneering with support for the Flutter framework, it accommodates a variety of architectures and state management choices such as Provider, Bloc, Riverpod, and Getx.

· Self-Learning Tool: Just like a skilled assistant, Welltested learns and improves over time, enhancing its test case generation with each use.

Why Invest in Unit Tests?

Implementing unit testing is not just about adhering to best practices; it has tangible benefits:

· Bug Prevention: Catch logic errors, state management issues, and other bugs early in the cycle.

· Code Quality: Write readable, maintainable code in accordance with top-notch programming principles.

· Efficient Development: Identify issues quickly, and dedicate more time to feature development rather than debugging.

· Stress-Free Deployment: Deploy with confidence, knowing that comprehensive test coverage has secured your app against regressions.

Full State Management Support

With the understanding that different projects have different needs, Welltested also supports a broad spectrum of architectures and state management solutions. Whether you use Provider, Bloc, Riverpod, Getx, or other systems, Welltested has tailor-made guidelines and support for ensuring optimal test coverage.

Choose Your Plan

Welltested offers various subscription options designed to suit anyone from solo developers to large enterprises:


Individuals: Start for free, perfect for personal projects or getting a taste of the testing AI life. Enjoy high-quality, unlimited unit tests and community perks.


Startups: At $79/month, this plan bestows enhanced features, added support for production projects, and pricing crafted to aid growing companies.


Enterprises: Priced at $299/month, this comprehensive package provides everything in the startup plan for up to 25 projects, with a dedicated testing expert and personalized infrastructure setup.

Each paid plan comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can invest with peace of mind.

For those curious about the specifics of the offering or how to integrate Welltested into their systems, there is a helpful FAQ section and various resources, including guidelines for best testability practices with popular state management tools and frameworks.

Welltested: The Verdict

The quest for perfect code is unending, but with Welltested, you have a trusty companion to ensure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of quality and reliability. It accelerates the testing process, enabling you to swiftly clear the path for innovation and advancement. With the support to numerous frameworks and an adaptive learning engine, Welltested ensures that high-quality unit testing is accessible and maintainable for all.

If you're a developer looking to enhance your application's robustness and reliability, consider taking Welltested for a spin. Whether you're working solo or within a team, this tool can be the difference between a good app and a great one.

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