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Introducing Blenny: The AI Vision Copilot for Chrome

In the fast-paced digital world, efficiency is key. One innovative tool that's changing the way we interact with online information is Blenny, a versatile AI vision copilot that integrates seamlessly with your Chrome browser. This clever extension allows users to interact with web-based information in a whole new manner. Here's how.

Enhance Your Web Browsing Experience

Imagine being able to take a snippet of a webpage and instantly unpack it with a suite of powerful AI-driven tools. Blenny enables just that. Whenever you come across something that piques your interest, be it a complex graph, a paragraph in a foreign language, or a chunk of text you need to distill into its essence, Blenny is at your service.

The AI vision of Blenny offers:

· Instant Summaries: Get quick rundowns of lengthy articles or reports without having to pore over every word.

· Translations: Easily understand content in different languages with a snap of your virtual shutter.

· Custom AI Agents: Go beyond preset functions and design AI agents tailored to specific tasks you frequently perform.

Flex Your Creativity with Personalized AI Agents

Blenny doesn't confine you to pre-defined options. The tool is designed to adapt to your unique requirements, allowing you to build and customize your own AI agents. This level of customization means whether you're a researcher needing to analyze data trends or a student wanting to compile notes, Blenny molds to fit your objective.

Powered by OpenAI

Blenny gains its intelligence from the innovative work at OpenAI. For those who are more tech-savvy, there's an option to use your own OpenAI API key. Rest assured, security is paramount with Blenny – your key, should you choose to use it, is encrypted and safely stored on their servers.


· Seamless integration with Chrome

· No need to switch between different AI platforms

· Time-saving summarization and translation tools

· Customizable AI agents for a personalized experience

· Secure use of personal OpenAI API keys


· Currently limited to Chrome browser users

· An API key is necessary for personalized AI agent creation

· As AI technology evolves, occasional updates may be needed to maintain optimization


Blenny stands as a testament to the powerful blend of convenience and functionality. It brings the realm of AI vision directly into your browser, providing an extra layer of intelligence to your surfing experience.

Learn More

Dive deeper into Blenny's features, and start transforming your browsing today by exploring the Blenny Tutorial and experimenting with different Prompts to enhance your web experience.

For information regarding usage policies, check out the Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service to understand how Blenny operates within legal standards.

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