Introducing: Ween.ai - Your AI-Powered User Research Platform

Ween.ai is an AI platform designed specifically to transform customer qualitative data into actionable insights in a matter of minutes, versus traditional methods that could take weeks. Whether you're a Product Manager, UX Researcher, Product Designer, or Product Leader, Ween.ai has something for every step of the product development process.

How Ween.ai Works

When you upload your customer interviews, the AI goes to work, analyzing the data just as a User Researcher would. It provides accurate transcripts in any language, automatically extracts key highlights such as pain points, habits, and needs, and continually scans interviews to support or refute your assumptions. This way, you can leverage all your customer interviews to automate assumption-testing.

Key Features and Benefits

· Empower Your Research: Our AI enables you to effortlessly analyze data with human-level accuracy, empowering your research process.

· Transparent Insights: Keep track of business target outcomes, align your research with your goals, and deep-dive into evidence to support your insights easily.

· Save Time: With automatic transcript generation and highlight extraction, you save valuable time in analyzing customer interviews.

· Business Decision Support: Turn your research from a potential bottleneck into a catalyst for decisive action.

What Our Clients Say

Laurena, a Product Manager at Deezer, expresses, "I always hated manually tagging transcripts to find insights. Ween helps me easily and quickly test my assumptions without any manual steps."

Adriano, a Product Manager at PlayPlay, mentions, "There's a real-time saving in the sense that I just have to upload my videos. I don't even spend time looking at the transcripts since the generated insights are of great quality."

Célia, a Product Lead at Yassir, adds, "We stopped opinion battles to make decisions. With Ween, we make sense of all the data we have on our customers and decide based on that."

Are You Ready to Transform Your User Research?

If you're looking to bring speed and transparency to your research, Ween.ai might be the tool you've been missing.

Pros and Cons


· Human-level accuracy in data analysis

· Automatic transcript generation saves time

· Transparent insights for evidence-based decision-making


· Reliance on AI might lead to some loss of nuances in qualitative data

· Initial setup and training of AI might be time-consuming

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