Web3 Summary

Welcome to Web3Summary 2.0, a platform dedicated to streamlining the world of DeFi and NFTs by leveraging artificial intelligence to improve your research and investment strategy.

All-In-One Trading Terminal

The heart of Web3Summary lies in its comprehensive Trading Terminal. This one-stop destination encompasses everything you need for proficient NFT and DeFi research and investment. It's like having a high-tech control center at your fingertips.

Wallet Study

Delve deep into wallet and contract scans with the specialized Wallet Study kit. This in-depth research tool is designed to peel back the layers of any contract, offering granular insights.

Discord Bot

Imagine having a personal researcher at your beck and call. That's exactly what the Discord Bot offers, providing trading alpha and market insights directly through Discord.

Mobile App

(Still in progress) A robust mobile application is in the works — it promises to pack all the necessary features for DeFi and NFT traders to manage their portfolios on the go.

Profit Taking

Navigate the tricky waters of profit-taking and reinvestment with tailored strategies, ensuring your financial decisions are informed and strategic.

Relative Valuations

Get your hands on accurate valuation metrics for Tokens and NFTs that enable you to evaluate and compare with precision.

Chrome Extension

To make research a breeze, the Web3Summary Chrome Extension acts as a digital assistant while you browse the web, providing NFT and DeFi insights seamlessly.

Developer APIs

(Still in progress) Developers can look forward to REST APIs that promise to help build applications and conduct research with speed and efficiency.

Membership Tiers

Web3Summary offers different access levels tailor-made for various needs:

· Free Access: Perfect for newcomers, offering basic features without the need for a credit card.

· Pro Access: At just $15 per month, this plan boosts your session count, support, and content capabilities, complete with a 3-day free trial.

· Team Access: For $40 per month, this plan supports larger teams and provides enhanced sessions, content, and dedicated account management, along with a 3-day free trial.

New prompts and content are curated daily to ensure the tool remains current and useful.

Benefits of Using Web3Summary:

· Simplifies on-chain research across multiple blockchains and protocols.

· Helps in due diligence before making any crypto transactions.

· Enhances social media interactions with informed and articulate responses.

Some Considerations:

· Mobile app and developer APIs are still in progress and not immediately available.

· It may take time for new users to familiarize themselves with the platform's extensive features.

By visiting Web3Summary.com (make sure you are on the correct URL), you're stepping into a world where cryptocurrency research is simplified. Bookmark the page for future use, and rest assured, your private keys will always remain just that—private.

So immerse yourself in the world of Web3Summary and experience how AI can elevate your crypto game.

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