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February 27, 2024

Transform Your Singing Voice with Voice-Swap

In the realm of music production and songwriting, one innovative tool is making waves—Voice-Swap. If you've ever wanted to hear your songs sung in a different voice, perhaps one that suits the style of a specific artist better, you're in for a treat. Created by DJ Fresh and Nico Pellerin, Voice-Swap is here to revolutionize the way we approach vocal recordings.

What Voice-Swap Offers

This powerful tool is designed to aid producers, songwriters, and artists who prefer not to use their own voice in their music. At the heart of Voice-Swap is cutting-edge AI technology, offering users the chance to transform their vocals into the style of various chart-topping artists.

But what's truly unique is that these featured artists are not just the faces of the technology—they actively benefit from it. They're partners whose voices have been modeled, thus contributing to the authenticity and quality of the AI-generated vocals. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for remote interactions, allowing songwriters and producers to demo their work in a realistic and inspiring manner.

How to Use Voice-Swap

Getting started with Voice-Swap is straightforward. Here’s what you can do:

  • Make demos to test out your musical ideas with different vocal styles.
  • Fine-tune your melodies and lyrics by pairing them with the perfect voice.
  • Discover a new perspective on your work by hearing it in a different voice.

While Voice-Swap is excellent for creating demos, you should note that sharing AI-generated audio publicly or monetizing it is not allowed without a proper license. You can obtain this by selecting 'Buy Licence,' which gives you a one-off permission to release your track with the artist's voice.

The interaction doesn't end there—you can reach out to the artists for consultations on potential re-sings or other collaborative efforts. The artists commit to responding to fixed fee requests, ensuring a professional and respectful collaboration environment.

How It Works

To create your AI demo, upload your audio file in WAV format. After processing, which takes around thirty seconds, you will receive a sample of your song sung in the voice of the artist you chose. Initially, you can experiment with 60 free seconds of audio credit to test the waters.

When you need more, there are subscription options available to enable the creation of full songs. It’s important to treat your input audio like you would in any professional vocal production. This means using clear takes, applying auto-tune if necessary, and utilizing compression. The AI model will replicate these input characteristics, providing a result that mirrors the quality of your original audio.

Remember, like any instrument, mastering Voice-Swap will require a bit of practice to achieve perfection. Users are encouraged to check the demos on Soundcloud and learn from the samples provided to make the most out of the tool.

The Final Word

Voice-Swap is not just a technological gimmick—it's a creative asset for musicians and producers. It offers a range of applications, from trying out different vocal styles to smoothing out the demo process. However, as with any tool of this nature, there are some considerations to keep in mind:


  • Easy access to various artist voices.
  • Enhances the creative process by providing rapid vocal transformations.
  • Saves time and money spent on studio sessions.
  • Simplifies remote collaborations between songwriters and producers.


  • Requires a license for public release and monetization.
  • Initial learning curve to optimize audio input for best results.
  • Dependence on technology could limit traditional vocal recording practices.

Whether you're looking to add diversity to your vocal tracks or simply experimenting with new styles, Voice-Swap holds potential to add a fresh twist to music production. Just remember to respect the licensing rules and engage with featured artists professionally for a harmonious and successful musical venture.

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