Boost Engagement and Lead Generation with VivoChat's AI ChatBot

Are you looking for a way to enhance engagement and generate leads on your website? Look no further! VivoChat offers a powerful AI ChatBot tool that can help you achieve just that. With this user-friendly and efficient tool, you can create your own chatbot and embed it on your website in just a few seconds – no sign-up required!

How it Works

VivoChat's AI ChatBot allows you to quickly set up a chatbot for your website by following a few simple steps. You can customize the chatbot by choosing a brand name, brand color, and adding predefined questions to provide prompt responses to your website visitors.


The chatbot is powered by VivoChat, offering various features to boost website engagement and lead generation:

· Chat History: Analyze chat history to understand what your website visitors are asking and improve the quality of service you provide.

· Lead Generation: Effortlessly gather emails from website visitors by using the interactive chatbot. Engage your audience with chatbot interactions and collect emails conveniently.

· Customization: Tailor the chatbot to your specific needs by customizing its appearance and functionality.

· White Label: Remove VivoChat branding from the chatbot to give it a personalized touch.

Plans and Pricing

VivoChat provides flexible plans to suit different requirements:

· Starter: $15 per month

· Pro: $49 per month

· Premium: $199 per month


Here are some common questions about the VivoChat AI ChatBot:

· Setup: If you face any issues with setting up the chatbot, the VivoChat team is ready to assist you. Custom implementation is also available based on your business needs.

· Data Storage: VivoChat uses public data from your website that is already available on Bing.

· Custom Solution: Yes, VivoChat provides custom solutions and APIs based on customer needs.

· Cost: VivoChat offers a free trial, and you can subscribe to a paid plan if it meets your requirements.

· Language Support: The chatbot supports over 95 languages, making it versatile for different audiences.

· Affiliate Program: VivoChat runs an affiliate program, so you can get in touch with them to know more details about it.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses have seen a significant rise in sales by utilizing chatbot technology. With VivoChat's AI ChatBot, you can revolutionize the way your website engages with visitors and leads them to conversion.

If you're ready to improve engagement and generate valuable leads for your business, why not give VivoChat's AI ChatBot a try?

Remember, you don't have to take our word for it – you can test it out for free and upgrade as per your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with VivoChat's AI ChatBot today, and take a step towards boosting your website's potential!

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