Discover Your Perfect Wine Match with Virtual Tom

Wine enthusiasts often face the challenge of selecting the ideal bottle for an occasion or finding a new wine that suits their tastes. Recognizing this challenge, a unique tool has emerged to simplify the complex world of wine selection: Virtual Tom.

Virtual Tom is a digital sommelier poised to transform your wine-buying experience. Using artificial intelligence, it offers personalized wine recommendations to suit any occasion or preference. Whether you have a specific wine you love or need a bottle for a special event, Virtual Tom is there to assist. Its recommendations become even more tailored if you're part of the Vinetribe community and logged into your account.

The tool shines in its potential to understand your palate. By taking the 'Taste Quiz', Virtual Tom can develop your Vinetribe taste profile. This quiz is a delightful way to learn about your preferences while ensuring the recommendations you receive are spot-on.

To start the journey with Virtual Tom, you can use the friendly interface to input your wine preferences or the context in which you'll be enjoying the wine. Are you buying from a local shop? Attending a dinner party? Virtual Tom takes these details and conjures up a selection of wines that fit the bill.


  • Personalized Recommendations: Get wine suggestions that align with your unique taste profile.
  • Taste Quiz: Participate in a fun quiz that helps Virtual Tom understand your wine preferences more accurately.
  • Occasion Matching: Whether it's a casual gathering or a formal celebration, find a wine that's just right for the moment.

The tool is currently in its prototype stages, inviting users to share their experiences to help refine the system further. Your feedback is valuable and can be shared by connecting with the Vinetribe team.

Those who find Virtual Tom particularly helpful can integrate it into their daily lives by installing the accompanying app, making wine recommendations accessible anytime and anywhere.

Connect with Virtual Tom:

For inquiries or to share your thoughts on this early version of Virtual Tom, reaching out is simple. Email the Vinetribe team at, and they'll be glad to hear from you.

Pros and Cons

  • Convenience: Easy-to-use interface and accessible from multiple devices.
  • Customization: Suggestions improve with use, especially when paired with your Vinetribe profile.
  • Discovery: Opportunity to explore wines you might not have considered before.
  • Early Stage: As a prototype, the tool is still undergoing development, which may mean encountering some wrinkles in the experience.
  • Dependent on User Input: The accuracy of the recommendations relies on the information you provide, which could limit discoveries if your input is not diverse.

Privacy Matters

The creators of Virtual Tom value your privacy. To understand how your information is handled, be sure to review the privacy policy on the Vinetribe website.

In conclusion, Virtual Tom offers a promising avenue for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned wine connoisseurs to uncover new favorites and ensure that each selection is a hit. It stands as an innovative foray into simplifying the splendid complexity of wine choices.

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