Discover Vimcal: The Calendar Reimagined

In the fast-paced world we live in, managing our time efficiently has never been more crucial. Enter Vimcal, an innovative tool that's reengineering how we interact with our schedules. Described as the world's fastest calendar, Vimcal aims to hand back control of your time through its user-friendly and rapid interface.

A Calendar for Rapid Schedulers

One of the standout features of Vimcal is its quick and easy way to share availability. Unlike the somewhat cold and detached experience of sending booking links, or the cumbersome task of manually typing out slots, Vimcal combines speed with a personal touch.

Speed Meets Convenience

The tool is tailored for efficiency. You can issue commands to Vimcal using intuitive hotkeys or simply by typing in natural language. This convenience ensures that scheduling or adjusting appointments can happen in a flash—think of it as having an AI-powered personal scheduling assistant. Vimcal’s AI suggests various appointment options and nearly completes the process for you, requiring just a brief confirmation.

Mobile Calendar Mastery

For those always on the go, the Vimcal iOS app boasts the title of the most powerful mobile calendar created for work and school environments. It simplifies time zone management by allowing you to pull up any time zone merely by typing in the city name, saving you the headache of time conversion.

Extra Features for Enhanced Productivity

Vimcal doesn't stop at scheduling. It offers a Do Not Disturb mode, complete with a calming backdrop and ambient sounds to help you focus when you need it most. Additionally, social profiles and company insights for each person you're meeting assist in making interactions more personalized and successful.

Another practical feature is the ability to integrate all your work and personal accounts into one view. This unified perspective eliminates the hassle of switching between tabs and accounts, making sure your scheduling is seamless and mistake-free.

Acclaimed by Industry Leaders

Praise for Vimcal comes from various high-profile users. Dick Costolo, the former CEO of Twitter, likened it to "Superhuman for calendar," calling it his new favorite productivity tool. Others, like Conor White-Sullivan, CEO of Roam Research, and Alex MacCaw, Founder of Reflect & Clearbit, have also expressed their admiration for the efficiency and design Vimcal offers, highlighting its remarkable difference from other calendar apps and the value it provides.

Advantages and Considerations

· Pros:

· Speedy scheduling and ease of sharing availability.

· Intuitive hotkey and natural language commands.

· Robust time zone support for global scheduling.

· Mobile app designed for high performance.

· Integration of work and personal calendars into one view.

· Additional features to aid focus and personalization.

· Cons:

· Currently, access to Vimcal is on a request basis.

· Some users might need a learning phase to get accustomed to hotkeys and features.


For anyone looking to boost their productivity with a calendar that takes scheduling to the next level, Vimcal appears to be a revolutionary tool. It not only tackles the typical scheduling challenges but also enriches the experience with additional features to make your day-to-day flow more efficiently.

If you seek to reclaim your time and revamp the way you schedule, consider exploring what Vimcal has to offer.

For more information, you may want to visit their official site or reach out for access to start experiencing the future of calendaring today.

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