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Video Tap

November 22, 2023
Video Tap

Do you need help creating engaging content for your brand or business? Video Tap is an AI-powered tool designed to help turn your videos into powerful marketing content, saving you time and effort.


  • AI-powered video repurposing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast creation of marketing content
  • Like having a team of content creators at your disposal

How It Works

Video Tap uses artificial intelligence to analyze your videos and break them down into smaller, more digestible pieces. This allows you to create multiple shorter clips from a longer video, perfect for sharing on social media, in email campaigns, or as part of a larger marketing strategy.


  • Save time by repurposing existing content
  • Reach a wider audience with smaller, shareable clips
  • Create engaging marketing materials without extensive editing skills
  • Increase brand visibility and engagement

Ready to see what Video Tap can do for your business? Sign up now and get 3 free videos to see it in action. With Video Tap, turning your videos into powerful marketing content has never been easier.

Don't let your existing videos go to waste. Try Video Tap today and experience the difference AI-powered video repurposing can make for your brand or business.

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